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Home Made Energy Review – The Pros and Cons of Home Made Energy

Home Made Energy is an online program that helps homeowners to get rid of the sources of energy that they are heavily relying on, like oil and coal, and teaches them to employ free, clean and renewable sources of energy as an alternative power to provide electricity for their houses. The program focuses on solar power and wind power. With their program, homeowners can build their own solar and wind power systems, and most importantly, reduce electric bills every month.

The program makes a claim that people who become one of their members will learn how to build the whole system for less than $ 200. They will learn from purchasing different parts at the most cost-effective way to installing the solar power system or wind power system. If they follow their secret method, they will get fully return in just a few weeks. It is much better than asking a professional company to help build the system because it will at least cost them $ 20,000. The bad thing is it takes more than 10 years to get return. It is really not that cost effective.

Once you join the Home Made Energy program, you can immediately download the eBook, which contains 44 pages. It is in PDF file so it will be handy for you to read from your monitor or to print them out as a read handbook. You can take the hard copy to anywhere you want to build your first solar panel.

The eBook is made in simple English so that you will not get overwhelmed with tons of technical terms. After reading the eBook and doing some testing, our team has found out that the instructions taught in the eBook work. And we can build our homemade solar power system in one week. The building cost is about $ 300 because we decided to use higher-quality parts like solar power inverter and battery. In the first month, the system helps reduce 20% of our electric bill. We are going to build a bigger-scaled system to test if we can reduce more or even completely eliminate the power bills.

Of course, Home Made Energy also has downsides. Since we have reviewed different DIY solar power house guides, we have some basic knowledge in this field. We found that this program is not as good as other popular guides like Earth4Energy because it is not written very well. Some of the instructions may not be clear for average people. To successfully build the solar power system, you may need to do some research on the Internet.

However, we still recommend you to give it a try. The main reason is that it just costs you US$ 47 and you can get help on their membership forum. Their members are helpful and you will get the answer in 24 hours normally.

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