Solar Power

Here Are 5 Ways to Make Money Using Cheap DIY Solar Panels

Solar panels for residential use
by itmpa

Solar panels used to be reserved for the wealthier home owners because this was seen as a luxury. The ultimate truth, however, was that these homeowners were saving more money in the long run by using these panels than those who couldn’t afford them to begin with. Fortunately today with the emphasis and spotlight on “going green”, these tools are much easier to implement. These days there are even a number of guides committed to easily teaching anyone how to build their very own panels for next to nothing using everyday household materials. 

But that’s not what this article is predominantly about. This article is to highlight how much money you can MAKE by using solar panels, so here are 5 different ways to monetize from this technology.

Power Costs – This is always a good place to start. The average American household was recently estimated to consume $ 200 of power each month which adds up to roughly $ 2500 per year. Solar panels can easily produce enough natural energy in a given month to enable you to be self sufficient when it comes to powering your home. Many people who do this are said to “live off of the grid”. Wouldn’t it be nice having an extra $ 2500 in your yearly budget for not doing a thing? 

More Than You Use – Obviously you’re not going to produce EXACTLY the amount of energy which you need each month. You can easily create more. Much more in fact if you use multiple solar panels. Why would anyone want to do this? Because the government reimburses the power companies to buy back your natural electricity from YOU. Many homeowners create large abundances of natural electricity this way and bring in a tidy supplemental income for themselves year in and year out without devoting any time or effort to it.

Tax Cuts – Homeowners who live off the grid, even in part, are eligible for tax breaks when it comes to their home costs. In case you couldn’t tell, the government is very inclined to offer incentives and bonuses for using natural energy because you’re helping to alleviate the overall energy crisis and power concerns, so they reward you in the form of tax cuts.

Home Business – Professional solar panels cost upwards of $ 3000 to have built and installed. This is evidence that people are willing to pay for this technology and willing to pay well at that. Using a DIY guide which I mentioned in the opening of this article you can easily build your own for around just $ 100 and likely less since you’ve probably got some of the materials lying around your home. Many homeowners have gone on to construct multiple DIY solar panels to share with their family and friends or sell as part of a side business which they can devote a little time to here and there to bring in thousands in extra revenue in their spare time.

Home Value – A home which is self sufficient energy wise is worth a great deal more than the identical home which is not. It’s just common sense that potential home buyers are looking for the same things as you are in a home which includes one which will save or potentially make them a great deal of money for no effort required. So make sure you ask your Realtor about this and keep it in mind when it comes time to sell.

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