Wind Energy

“Helios” Tracking Solar Energy Device

Our group is working on the sun-tracking solar panel that allows energy from the sun to be used within the buildings of HKU. The installation of the sun-tracking solar panels enables HKU patrons to be more aware of the awareness and damages that fossil fuel burns will increase greenhouse gases. Hence, we decide and propose to make and install sun-tracking solar panels within the campus, and on top of multiple buildings, where grass is planted, achieving Carbon neutrality energy usage. Batteries are also used to power up, as a “backup source” at night-time and inadequate sunlight, maintaining power stability.
1. Kaustubh Nigam (Spokesperson, Editor, Think Tank)
2. Suntoso Sean Michael (Spokesperson, R&D, Purchasing specialist)
3. Li Zhuo Kai (Treasurer)
4. Matsumoto Ami (Design)
5. Edward Ye (Human Resource, Editor, Think Tank)
6. Wong Yuk Tsan (Human Resource, Editor, Think Tank)
7. Ng Lok Yiu (Editor in Chief)
8. Chan Cheuk Yu Andrea (Editor, Think Tank, Purchasing specialist)
9. Au Hiu Long (Editor, Think Tank)
10. Cheung Hoi Ling Helen (Editor, Think Tank, Design)
11. Songjie GUO (Editor, Think Tank)
12. Yu Jesse Joy Yin (Editor, Think Tank)

This course was developed for the HKU “Sustainable Leadership” Course DESN9002, year 2020-2021, for all the BASCs (Bachelor of Arts and Science).
The Judges are: Prof Christopher John Webster, Lucia Loposova, Dr. Lucy Porter Jordan, Ezekiel Ng, Marianne N. Michaels.
The Course designer and Lead is Cesar Jung-Harada, the course teachers are Dr Martin Forth, Prof Jeff Yao, Dr K.P. Chow, Prof Kristof Crolla, Prof Tom J Barry, Dr Ryan Shiu Lun Au. The teaching assistants are Ella C Forsberg, Sammie Ng, Siddharth Agarwal, Abel Lau, Tasnia Ishrar Rahman, Anubhav Garg. We thank our inspirational speakers: Chicky Bhavnani, Sheetal Dalal, Deepa Gupta, Laurel Chor, Prof Ian Holliday, Prof Elliott Prasse-Freeman, Dr Margaret J. Burnett, Bobsy Gaia, Howard Ling, Dr Mauro Martino, Serife (Sherry) Wong, Kim Salkeld, Sam Inglis, Vanessa Cheung, Mita Radhakrishnan, Garry Turner, Jeffrey Andrews, Lance Lau (劉衍一), Paul Zimmerman (司馬文), Sonalie Figueiras, Samantha Suppiah. Special thanks to Abbie Jung-Harada and Helen Lockey. Video Production by LUX Production, thanks to Ada Kwok, Roberto Pirelli, Kit Tso. Edited by Cesar Jung-Harada.