Wind Energy

Helicopter Low Level Flight Through 272 Wind Power Generators

A low level helicopter flight through an active windfarm, you would be surprised to learn one of Canadas largest windfarms is located in the province with the largest oil exploration also.

Wind Energy – Alberta Clean & Green
The Town of Pincher Creek is the Wind Capital of Canada.

Nestled against the Rockies in Southwestern Alberta, Pincher Creek enjoys warm Chinook winds that compress and collect energy as they rush down the eastern slopes.

The Pincher Creek area offers the wind energy industry the ideal geographical area for developments in alternative, renewable energy technology and is playing a key role in the development of this increasingly important sustainable energy resource.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association regards Pincher Creek area among the nation’s highest potential wind power regions.

Presently, 272 turbines are producing 291.93 mega watts of energy in the area.

A future 180 turbines produce 580.70 mega watts of energy.

Pincher Creek outputs a clean 873 mega watts.

— Technical Notes:
The video was recorded on a Samsung Galaxy S8 smart phone at UHD 60fps. Do to the vibrations in the helicopter and the g-force, the optical image stabilization failed to work. To recover the video, optical stabilization was done in video post. At the end of the process, it required a 150 percent zoom to fill the video frame for UHD. Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI version 1.8.1 was leveraged to upscale the video to remove the stabilization crop. The upscale alone required 6 hours to process on an RTX 3090 video card. There is a dramatic difference in video quality between this and the original recording, worth the 6 hours.