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Haining Yuan Flower: Energy

Yuan spent in Haining, solar industry, represented by the new energy industry, is becoming a new economic growth point of the town. A few years ago, relying on fortune mining stone building materials, and later realized the importance of environmental protection, industrial restructuring of urgency, start a new industry cluster development. Today, the town spent Yuan, the U.S. has no shortage of big bigger and stronger this model, but also subjects such as Seiko crystal quality, use of solar energy in this new energy, the smooth realization of the industrial transformation and upgrading of large-scale development.

To promote industrial development leading enterprises

Created in 1996, the U.S. largest solar Zhejiang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading solar energy heat utilization industry key enterprises, is the largest solar South R & D, manufacturing base. U.S. Large Solar is committed to the development, production of solar thermal products, formed from quartz sand ? Borosilicate glass tube solar water heater vacuum tube solar hot water system machine complete industrial chain and large-scale production patterns.

Turned over last year’s profits of large U.S., accounting for the town to spend tax Yuan 1 / 4. Behind the taxpayer is a powerful enterprise strength support. “Our solar water heaters, although American and other home than the price higher than others sold well, this is the power of innovation.” Chairman Xia Zhisheng frankly, by the financial crisis affect the economy also tasted the taste of winter, but the “confidence than gold More importantly, “innovative thinking change, diversification, so that American and realize gains contrarian.

Haining strong and big American and a model is also the industry leader in the city. It’s innovation and development, marketing models, personnel training, corporate culture, inspired and led a large number of solar energy companies. Currently, the town Yuan spent a total of more than 500 solar energy related businesses, including more than 200 machine manufacturer. After ten years of rapid growth, solar flower Yuan has formed a complete production chain, not only revitalize the regional economy, has solved some of the company’s cash flow.

Government putting up the business development assistance

Jiangxi photovoltaic Jingke leading enterprises in Jiangxi province, is China’s largest monocrystalline silicon production base. Last year in June, the successful acquisition of Zhejiang Sun Valley Energy Technology Co., Ltd., formed in the Yuan re-spent grain Branch Energy Ltd, Zhejiang. This whole industry in Haining set off a firestorm. Jingke settled, the only profitable six months time. The company plans to complete the commissioning of 300 MW of battery, the output value will reach 2.5 billion next year, up to 500 megawatts of capacity, the development potential.

“If Yuan spent the first choice is the Chinese and their regional advantages and the needs of its industrial chain derivatives, now has the support of the local government, we have further strengthened the confidence in Haining free to make a big,” deputy energy crystal Division Wang said the total in Europe, the local government take care of them foreign companies, especially so that they are moved.

“One thing that particularly impressed. Our factory in Jiangxi province to declare high-tech enterprises, with more than a year’s time. In Haining, from planning to declare to the last province of high-tech enterprises to get approval, before and after only spent three months time, “assistant general manager of Jing Li Qian said Branch Energy. Specifically for this purpose in the town of cadres math ‘seems to spend Yuan, but is the responsibility of the government: “We actually act as a coordinator, helping companies in a timely manner to resolve problems encountered during development. Jingke such as environmental protection Also efficient enterprises should receive government support. ” Accelerate energy-saving environmental protection industry development

Human concern for the environment, in 2009, rising to a height never seen before. “Carbon” has become the people’s quality of life of the new choice. Environmental protection, greatly promoted the transformation of traditional industries Yuan spent to upgrade.

Haining, Jiaxing City, Xinhai new is the first joint venture spend by Hong Kong businessmen Cha Chi Ming Yuan invested textile enterprises. The total textile industry is considered a high-polluting industries, but companies who do not agree with Xu Xiaokang: “The traditional textile industry is continually in transition, upgrade, and strictly control industrial pollution.

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