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Haining Solar Penetration Of Energy Saving 30 Million Yuan Over Jiucheng

Haining city’s residents Jiangquan Lin Nanyuan 1, 1998 when the move to install a new home

Solar water heaters . Since then, the family of three usual cooking and cleaning, almost all of it solar-powered water heaters, while at the same time installed home

Gas Water Heater , Has been left out in the corner.

Now in Haining, hundreds of thousands of households have solar water heaters that can not be separated and environmentally friendly heating equipment. According to statistics, the city’s households use solar water heaters has reached 126,000, a penetration rate of 70.3% in urban and rural areas, leading the country. The urban household solar penetration rate reached 91.5%.

Haining people can fully enjoy the “roof of the sun”, mainly due to the local solar water heater industry continued to develop. 80s of last century, some enterprises started Haining local production of solar water heaters. In 1996, Haining Huafa tube solar collectors Limited introduced the first two vacuum tube production line, thus, the city entered an advanced solar water heater production of “vacuum collector of the times,” the rapid growth of industrial scale. Currently, the city’s solar energy business has reached 199, the annual production of 1.2 million sets of solar water heater machine products are not only sold all over the country, but also “fly” to Spain, Pakistan, South Korea, India and other countries on the roof.

Solar energy is inexhaustible, renewable green energy. Back in the early 90 century, Henin began to vigorously promote solar water heaters, to guide our way to the sunlight to energy. In 2001, the Government has defined a new design of residential projects to use solar water heaters integrated into the

Building In to, so that unified design, unified works, standard install, so the city’s solar energy into the millions of households.

According to reports, Haining City, the illumination time per year more than 2000 hours, a family of five, to install a solar water heater 24, and 10 months of the year for the whole family bath, and the remaining two months The cold season can be hot water for washing vegetables, washing clothes and so on. Buy a solar water heater that cost about 1,200 yuan, the service life of up to 10 to 15 years.

Haining City in recent years will also use solar energy as an important part of village renovation as a guide. At present, solar water heaters in Haining

Countryside The penetration rate has reached 64%, which is also rare in the country. Dongfeng Yuan city, town, village, spend every household installed solar water heaters, have become veritable “solar village.”

Haining Solar Energy Society to the author the Secretary-General Wu Kezhong calculations, the current use of solar water heaters Haining 12.6 million units, the effective collector area of 230,000 square meters, equivalent to 43,000 tons in substitution of conventional energy sources


Coal, calculated according to 700 yuan per ton of standard coal a year down the value of energy savings of more than 3,000 yuan.

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