Wind Energy

GSFA 2018 | Life Size Media | A New Way To Harness Wind Energy

KPS is developing a disruptive technology to harness energy from wind. Using kites in place of fixed turbine blades, they have produced a technology that is cheaper, more versatile and less visually intrusive.

When kite systems were in their infancy, there was debate over feasibility of the technology, but it works. It can be used where traditional turbines cannot – dramatically increasing the proportion of the world’s energy that could be sourced from wind. A film was crucial to show kites in this new light.

This film was produced when the technology was still being developed and the company needed significant funding to scale up operations. The film focused on the heart of the company’s vision, delivered by founder Bill Hampton. As he describes the need for new solutions and the promise of this unusual technology, the visuals build to follow the launch of one of KPS’ kite systems.

Emotive, intriguing and powerful, this film was used as a core part of future fundraising for KPS, securing the company £11 million, and catapulting them to the next stage of development. Nearly three years on, it is still integral to their marketing strategy.