Solar Power

GreenDIYEnergy – A Guide to Build Solar Panels in Your Backyard

How many ways can we hear about the damage we are doing to our earth by burning the fuels we use today? Greenhouse gases are suffering our planet to change for the worst. The present energy sources are not green renewable sources. While we wait for big business to take care of it we can look at the cost of building our own solar energy. has completed an in-depth guide walking you through each step.

Many of the guides online are limited for actually giving enough instruction to complete a working panel. A warning to all is to look for complaints about the diagrams and schematics being wrong or too hard to understand by the just anyone. You have choices online but how much data will you get?

A person can learn how to build panels from a guide that shows how to build a panel for under $ 200 or even less. This is a huge savings compared to the cost of buying panels which is unaffordable for most people. This guide is written and filmed for those who have never built anything. Kids can also get in on the fun and apply the instructions to a school project.

Other choices for getting solar panels at your home include leasing the system. They will install it and you pay a lease payment every month. You will be taking care of your part as a consumer. Your energy cost will come down too but you still have the lease payment with no end in sight. Missing payments could result in repossession of your energy source.

When I was shopping around for the right DIY solar panel guide for my project, I decided on greendiyenergy.  They had more resources for me to use, and their full money-back guarantee made it easy for me to purchase (the guide costs $ 50).

Before deciding to take on this project one can price per-made panels. The cost; $ 600 to $ 1, 500 per panel and when you purchase at least 180 panels you will get a discount. The cost is high and still needs installation and hook-up. The cost is not effective for the savings due to the cost per panel. is one of the many guides (but in my opinion, the most helpful) that offers step by step directions and diagrams.  The best part is the video library, which will give you visuals of how to build your panels.

Today is the day we need to do our share to create a green energy that ensures a clean future.  Start your DIY solar panel project now!

Jude Angel is a DIY enthusiast and loves taking on new DIY challenges. He recently tackled how to build solar panels for the average “weekend DIYer”.