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Green Power Energy Source – 2 Alternative Energy Sources

In this article I want to talk about two alternative energy sources. One being solar or sunlight and the other being wind. Using a green power energy source can be beneficial in a couple of ways with one being the savings it can have on our planet. If we can do anything to help our planet especially for the future of our children. You can use it year round also. After all, this is our home. Another benefit, especially in this new area of going green and rising prices in just about anything we do or purchase is the amount of energy you can save. Not only will this have an instant savings but in the long run it really is going to have an impact on how much extra money you can save.It is nice to see that our governments are now starting to use this resource. We should have been using it or implementing it years ago. After all the technology was there.

The first method I want to talk about is using our sunlight to reflect into solar panels to generate electricity. This especially works well in the winter time as the snow helps reflect the light into the panels resulting in higher heat. This electricity is made into DC (direct current)and then transformed into AC or alternating current by means of converters. Using solar you can generate electricity to power anything from your boom box to running your whole house. You can eliminate your whole electric bill. These are very simple to build yourself. You can literally make or put the panels together yourself or buy them whole. Learn to build them yourself and you can save even more. You can pick up great guides on how to do this yourself. Check out at the bottom in my resource box.

The second method I would like to talk about is wind power. This method of green power works along the same lines of creating the electricity or DC current but with the difference of course with wind instead of sunlight being the energy source. The wind and air turn a set of blades which then turns a turbine creating the current. These two are simple to set up yourself. Again you can pick up a guide and have your own up in very little time and cost to you.

Those are two green power energy sources that you can use to both help the environment and have a huge impact on how much money you can save. Especially in the long run. As you can see using both solar and wind as alternative energy sources can have a huge impact. I hope this article sparks some interest in helping you create some home made energy. Who knows, you may make your electric meter spin backwards and your electric company will be paying you. This does really occur. Not to mention the fun it is. Visit my author section on finding greenpower-energysources and my blog with updated green power information.

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