Solar Power

Green DIY Solar Panels – What Guide Do You Choose to Build Your Solar Panels?

Do you want to build your own green DIY solar panels? Do you want to do it for under $ 200? Do you want to reduce your monthly energy bills? 

I hope you answered yes to each of those questions, because it really is possible to do all three of those things this weekend!

I assume you are probably not an expert in solar panel construction, or you would not be wasting your time reading this article, you would be out in your backyard already building your panels.  So, I’ll assume you are willing to put in some work to build your green DIY solar panels, but you don’t quite know where to begin.

A good place to start would be to compare and review some of the different DIY solar panel construction manuals that are available for purchase.  There are a lot to choose from online today, most all of them cost right around $ 50 and come with a bunch of stuff.

I recently purchased my own DIY solar panel guide after comparing many different guides, such as green diy energy, earth 4 energy, power 4 home and homemade energy.

When you are looking to purchase a DIY guide, I would recommend looking for one that offers tutorial videos.  Tutorial videos really help out through the process because they show you exactly what you need to be doing.  They really simplified the process for me.

So, definitely keep an eye for guides that have videos.  By now, I assume more guides have added videos because they are very popular, so don’t waste your time buying a guide that doesn’t have videos.

Also, make sure the guide you choose has a money-back guarantee.  You want the peace of mind that comes with a guarantee, so that if your solar panel project doesn’t pan out, you’ll get all your money back.

And the last thing I’d look for in a guide is what kind of bonuses come with it.  Some guides offer really nice, free bonuses about wind power or biodiesel.  Choose one of those guides, so that if you ever want to expand your renewable energy system, you won’t have to purchase another product.

So go out and get started!  You really can build your own green DIY solar panels, and I’m not kidding when I say you can have them installed by this weekend.  Get to it!

Jude Angel is a DIY enthusiast and loves taking on new DIY challenges. He recently constructed his own green DIY solar panels. He reviewed many DIY solar panel guides, but only recommends the one he personally used for his home solar panel system – the Green DIY Energy Guide.