Solar Power

Green Diy Energy – How to Make Your Own Green Energy

Going green is not just about saving the planet. Thousands of people around the world are realising that going green actually means saving money too. You can build your own green power generators at home and make your own green energy with some amazing new DIY kits.

Of course we all know about solar panels and just how expensive they are to buy. Even if you find second hand panels on an online auction site, you are still going to have to pay upward of two to three hundred dollars per panel and then there’s the added expensive of having to install them and the maintenance costs, and what if they don’t want to work, you’ll have to get them fixed at a cost.

That doesn’t have to be your first experience with solar panels. With just a rudimentary knowledge of DIY you can build your own solar panels at home. There is a bit of welding involved, but other than that, the system setup is pretty simple. Once you know how to build them, there is no limit to the number of panels you put together and instruction manuals on building solar panels and wind turbines are available online for around $ 50. Building solar panels at home can also become a fantastic home business and with the cost of all the components costing no more than $ 200, you can have a fully functional solar panel without having to worry about maintenance and installation costs in just a short weekend.

For those with less DIY experience, the wind turbines are an excellent alternative as they require very little DIY skills and cost even less to construct. You can have your own home wind turbine in a matter of hours for around $ 100 in costs.

Pioneers out there will want to take a look at the new magnetic generators that are taking the internet by storm. These amazing devices require a little more DIY experience, but generate power through the magic of magnets and this energy is safe, clean and free.

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