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Solar energy
by LiuTao

With access to the countryside last year, qualified solar energy, some products have entered the rural market in Handan, currently there are four main brands Wong Ming, Li Norit, Sun Bao, Sun Yu, Mu-song such as Four Seasons, was accompanied by a Some brand-name computers.

The face of global Energy Increasingly depleted situation, “low-carbon economy”, “low-carbon life” and other new concepts gradually heated up. Under the impetus of this great opportunity, solar energy industry has entered a rapid development period. “Clean Environmental protection , Safety, convenience, inexhaustible “is the more significant advantages of solar energy, successfully included in the National” home appliances to the countryside “policy, twice as many successful enterprises reached 171, occupying the entire appliance business for 40% of the countryside, a brand the highest share of the industry.

In the market such a diversity of brands, fierce competition is inevitable. Jiangsu New Energy Solar Po (000,690, stock it) the company became one of the best, as long corporate history, the scale continued to expand steadily, particularly in rural areas of solar energy so far this year, with excellent quality, excellent Aesthetic Design, good reputation, share market place. This, the reporter called the solar sun Bao Li Jitao Handan agent’s phone to get more information about solar energy market in rural areas.

“Has been very busy these days, there are 10 pm guests.” Liji Tao told reporters. He had engaged in building materials Hardware Sales, last year turned to business solar water heaters, with Li Jitao’s words, “solar water heater Energy Environmental protection, pollution, and now access to national policy support to rural areas, the future prospects immeasurably. “

According to Li Jitao, at present Handan solar market is still in its infancy, a few years ago although there are some solar energy market, the brand, but no scale, the market has been the lack of leading brands. Meanwhile, local farmers over the years habit has also been slow to promote solar energy products. “Our people here are taking a bath with the original polyethylene Plastic Cloth, tied into the bag drying irrigation on the roof, “Li Jitao said,” Many people do not know what solar energy. ” Last year, access to rural areas with solar

qualifications, some products have entered the Handan’s rural market, at present there are four main brands Wong Ming, Li Norit, Sun Bao, Sun Yu, Mu-song such as Four Seasons, while there were a number of brand-name computers. Confused the market situation for the brand, not the enthusiasm of farmers to buy high. “I do activities in the process of rural farmers are always looking for more, buy less, still in a wait state.” However, great efforts to develop new environmental protection because the state energy policy efforts to increase support for solar energy products to rural areas subsidies, and farmers in those who dare to try new things to buy solar energy products after spontaneous publicity. “Now a lot of market growth potential, business must be able to do a good job.” Liji Tao says.

Reporter learned that, Handan more than the market price of solar water heaters in 1000-2000 dollars, a good brand such as the sun still stood high Po quality control, while the price of some brand-name computers are concentrated in the 1,400 yuan to 1,500 yuan Po and other major brands than the sun low on average 500 to 600 yuan. Farmers in the purchase products, the price is certainly a factor for consideration, but more emphasis on product quality. Sun Po is the quality of the products highlighted the extraordinary advantage. “I chose the Sun Po is the fancy business strength, product quality and good service is in place. At the same time as product appearance, farmers buy back installed on the roof, the neighbors will have the effect of word. Equal to the product made free Advertisement . “Li Jitao proudly told reporters.

Since the Spring Festival this year, Li Jitao began promoting solar energy products in rural areas, more than 40 villages in Handan marketing activities, “Now the same brand more competitive.” Liji Tao admitted that “now we have started activities to promote products. “Although the beginning started in solar energy sales, but said the agency will certainly be long-term sun Po brand, business must have courage of your convictions, not for a while for this, one will change that, to the sun Po confidence. Although the development of the domestic solar industry

years, but always in the growth stage of relative chaos. In order to promote the strength of the solar industry, increase the formation of uniform development, need more sun treasure such as Jiangsu, leading enterprises to a successful experience, excellent model for other businesses learn and change the status of solar energy industry, good and bad, to achieve solar scale, branded coming era.

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