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People have realized that roofing procedure is a very energy consuming activity. They have also started to research or enquire what could be done to their homes to save water and electricity. Solar energy roof in Chicago are very rare but widely accepted idea.

Energy efficient windows could be used to prevent the ultra violet rays and infrared rays from entering the house. Low –e is a hard glaze that can be coated on the windows to prevent damaging rays from entering the house. This helps in keeping the cool in summer and prevents heat loss in winter.

Energy efficient products can also be bought with attractive rebates. Energy Star is a program by the government that helps in identifying the energy efficient products. For example fluorescent bulbs use only about 35 percent of the energy than the normal light bulbs. Many products that help in conserving the nature as well as saving money are being introduced.

Everyone is becoming aware of placing solar panels for energy. Using solar energy is another way to conserve natural depleting resources. The depletion of natural resources is a very serious concern, but with many companies is coming forward and taking interest in manufacturing equipments using solar energy.

Other traditional energy sources like coal, petroleum and nuclear energy are not dependable for life time as it is not renewable. The alternate solar energy saves people from extremely high electricity bills.

Going green is the first individual step a person can take in order to help preserve the nature and the earth. The alarming rate at which the resources are used and the pollution have clogged the atmosphere is indeed something to be of much concern.

The sun’s energy is used passively or directly. Passive use of the solar energy is like in heating water in swimming pools and direct use of solar energy is like in converting this energy into photovoltaic cells, which is called photovoltaic energy. When the sun’s energy is absorbed by the solar cells, electricity is generated.

To obtain solar power, large flat solar panels are installed above the house, on the surface of the roof. Each of these panels has grids of solar cell, through which the tiny solar particle called the photon is absorbed by the cell. Solar panels and equipments are promoted in very large scale in some places, giving rebates to the buyers.

Some of the features of Solar energy are :

It is not toxic.

It is a non – pollutant but manufacturing of solar panels releases harmful substances.

Even if the initial set up cost is expensive, the later advantages are innumerable.

Solar panels do not have any moving part in the equipment, thus noise – free.

The solar panels may take a huge part of the roof. Many people may not like the idea of solar panels taking up the entire roof area.

Living in rural or semi – urban areas could be a problem, if there aren’t any solar companies nearby for the maintenance purpose.

The house or the business establishments must have enough space on the roof to install the large solar panels.

The solar panels should be placed where there is direct sunlight. Any obstruction would not give optimum results.

New roofing system is the production of solar shingles which generate electricity and cover the roof. The solar shingles looks and could be installed just like the normal asphalt shingle. These are extremely expensive, so most people who intends to buy these shingles mixes them with the original asphalt shingles. A Professional Chicago roofing contractor should be consulted for the expert advice.

A reputed company manufactures solar tile that has the exact design of a normal tile but with solar absorbing ability. There are also solar systems which generate hot air or hot water and cover the roofing at the same time. There are solar systems where all the features are integrated.

A thin film laminate material with photovoltaic feature called the solar seam standing metal could be easily installed on the metal plates, even on existing roofs. This is found to be more durable, inexpensive and pretty appearance.

The solar laminates are a cost effective way to obtain solar energy as it is an effective durable material. It is flexible and light and could be stuck on to any roof tops. Other roof tops where enough sunlight could be received such as the porch, car porch etc, can also be used to install the solar laminates.

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