Solar Power

Get Free Energy Through Home Solar Power Kit Technology

Solar power in homes is on the rise. Each year tens of thousands of homeowners convert to make at least partial use of home photovoltaic systems. And hundreds of thousands of newly constructed homes are made energy efficient through solar panels installation. From PV roofing tiles and shingles all the way down to solar heating for pools and hot water systems in the home, the push for a greener, cleaner planet has also moved us one step closer to becoming energy-independent.

And not only do home solar heating panels help reduce electric or gas bills, they can even actually pay you money each month! By connecting your solar power systems for home to the local power grid (known as a grid-tied, or grid-connected system) you can actually generate more electricity than your home can use. During these times of day your energy meter will actually spin backwards, making you money! At the end of each month if you’ve created more energy than you consumed, the utility company cuts you a check. This excess electricity is re-routed back into the local power grid and used by your neighbors.

Solar panel installation classes are popping up everywhere, just check with your local home improvement store. Even better, the home solar panel kit systems sold these days can be installed by just about anyone, and with only a minimum effort. Do it yourself solar systems come prepackaged with all needed instructions, and many include step by step solar videos to help you along. Even without solar classes, in just a few hours you can be setting up your own PV solar array, generating free electricity you can convert and use anywhere in your home. Use your solar heating for pool temperature, hot water tanks, and overall general heating in your household – the sky is literally the limit!

Below are just some of the fantastic uses for home solar heating panels:

* Hot Water – A newly popular technology, a home can now provide itself with free hot water heating through photovoltaic PV cell power. Usually the sun warms water in an insulated tank through closed or open loop arrangement. At times when there is not enough sunlight, hot water is provided through a backup heating system.

* Pool Heating – Just as hot water can be heated for home and shower use, the same can be done for your swimming pool. Solar heating systems for your pool are powered by the sun striking photovoltaic panels. This type of arrangement is already becoming mandatory by building code in some US States.

* PV Roofing – Incredible new advances in glazed photovoltaic roofing shingles allows you to install a roof that will both protect and power your home. These new PV shingles are efficient, attractive, and come in all styles and colors to suit your home. Best of all they provide you with clean, free energy all year round.

* Outdoor Lighting – Modern outdoor lighting systems are making great use of the sun’s unlimited energy. All day long small PV cells absorb the rays of the sun, generating and storing electricity for night-time use. When darkness falls, tiny sensors turn these solar outdoor lights on. No wires, no timers, no worries!

* Home Electric – Of course, the most common reason people take solar panel installation classes is so they can provide their home with a renewable and free source of energy. Through the use of an inverter, any and all photovoltaic energy gathered by home solar heating panels is converted from DC to AC current, making it usable anywhere in the household. From appliances to heating and air conditioning systems, free energy is the best energy there is!

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