Solar Power

Get a DIY Solar Panel Guide and Make Your Own Energy – Free!

There aren’t many hobby projects out there that can eliminate your electricity bills AND help to save the planet as well. Dropping off the grid, or at least reducing your reliance on it as the only source of power for your home, is becoming increasingly popular. And what’s more, you can save a lot of cash by doing it.

Yes, you have the option to choose wind power as your clean energy source, but what happens on days that there isn’t much wind, or if you live in a very sheltered location. Solar panels are by far the more popular way of bringing clean, green, free energy into your home.

As a DIY project, building your own solar panels or solar energy system for your home is actually quite doable. The tools and materials are probably a lot more affordable that you might think. However, you do need a really clear DIY Solar Panel Guide to ensure that you don’t end up making any costly mistakes.

Another point that makes Solar Panels a great DIY project is the huge savings that can be made over cost of bringing in a company to provide and install a solar energy system for you. Expect to pay anywhere from $ 20,000-30,000 overall for the job if you aren’t going to do it yourself. It takes a long time until your ‘free’ energy system starts paying off at those kinds of prices.

By building your own DIY solar panels you can start small – and cheap – and build your system up over time. You can be up and running for as little as $ 200, and gradually wean your home off the grid. With more and more people trying to find ways to be self sufficient and spend less on their energy bills, building a solar panel system is one of the best ways to do that.

If you are considering the DIY approach to solar panels, here’s a thought to get you going: Did you know that most of the components you need to make a solar panel are available from your local hardware store? Food for though, right?

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