Solar Power

Generating Solar Powered Electricity

All of us know that solar energy is the best option considering the current environmental concerns. As a source of energy, it holds immense potential. It is also a simple and economical solution as it generates reduced energy bills. If you are wondering how to generate solar energy, read through the article to know how to generate solar energy by building your very own solar panel.

Solar modules play a key role in generating solar energy. When the suns rays directly falls on the solar modules, the energy generated is converted into electricity that can be used for various appliances at home. Proper installation of the solar modules involves mounting then on a frame made of steel and positioning them at the roof of the house.

An inverter converts the energy created by the solar modules to alternating current or AC from direct current or DC. Alternating Current or AC is the power that is used for running appliances at home. The electricity originating from inverted is transferred to a panel for electrical service located in the house. This panel then distributes power to the various outlets at home or office.

If power is not consumed, they well come back through the electric meter for utility to the grid. Due to this, the meter will spin back thus allowing you to earn credits with your local electrical company that will be offset against future consumption. This process is called Net Metering and it has the approval in the policy of State Level Electricity.

Knowing how to generate solar energy is simple. Provided you engage appropriate safety and precaution, all you need are skills like wiring and some basic equipment. Construction of the solar panels will require components like solar cells, copper wires, plywood sheet, PVC sheeting that is clear and basic tools like screwdrivers, drills and glue used for woodwork. This equipment can be found at any neighborhood hardware shop. You can shop online at ebay for the photovoltaic cells.

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