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Sensors as Solar water heaters Electronic Control system sense organs, collected from the storage box of water temperature, water and other information, in solar

Water heater Multi-functional and intelligent has a very important position. However, sensor technology applications in solar water heaters use due to adverse environmental impact, has been difficult to ensure long-term reliable operation, although produced many professionals in various forms of sensors, but no fundamental solution to quality problems Until now even more than one year service life are also difficult to protect; sensing technology and intelligent control technology, backward, has become the biggest bottleneck in development of the industry. We believe that only identify the crux of the problem, select the appropriate sensor technology, to achieve a multiplier effect to create the ideal product meets the design requirements.

Electrode sensors currently in use there are four fatal flaws Solar Industry Alliance
As solar water heater is a civilian products, taking into account the electronic control system, manufacturing costs, making simple, inexpensive electrode sensors have been widely adopted by manufacturers, but because it works and collection methods are sensing technology The most original and most backward part of the existence of the following four fatal, can not overcome the deficiencies:

1. Sensor packaging process. Electrode sensors directly detect the use of water resistance level, such sensors generally stainless metal or conductive silicon rubber as a conductor, the merits of its packaging process is directly related to product quality. If the packaging technology, however, protection of the insulation body is likely to result in a short time Splitting water seepage, causing an internal short circuit, detection failure. Therefore, only in the packaging technology and processes have a fundamental breakthrough, only the basis for improving product quality.

2. Scale of the problem. As the salts or minerals in water temperatures above 60 degrees in the state will form scale, particularly under the influence of the electrode will speed up the scale of the formation of the electrode surface insulation with signal distortion caused by acquisition. To solve these problems number of manufacturers introduced Glue stick-type sensor, the active use of plastic type surface that is scalable delayed the formation of scale, this is undoubtedly an improvement, but when the water boiling under high pressure at the interface, frequency pole high, can easily cause physical and conductive silicone rubber adhesive link parts of the body damage or cracking, Also, the high water temperature conversion box will also produce thermal expansion and contraction phenomena silicone body, can easily cause deformation of the sensor, bending or cracking.

3. The consistency of water resistance. The formula for water is H2O, is hydrogen compounds, water itself is insulated. Sensor signal acquisition is to use inorganic salts dissolved in water or mineral water in different river basins in different regions change in a larger resistance value, in order to solve this problem need to fine-tune the controller to add a switch, often in order to get a real signal , need to debug again, no doubt to the installation of additional trouble. If the water quality of the content is extremely conductive, there may be debugging invalid.

4. High pressure and temperature. Because the solar water heater storage box environment characterized by high temperature (air drying up to 180 or above), high pressure (boiling more than one in such an environment standard atmospheric pressure), high tide state (moisture saturated), make sensor electronic components work disorders, the overall system is not working.

In summary, this electrode sensors have a number of inherent fatal defects, in order to solve the above problem, using this type of sensor control device manufacturers have been exploring for over a decade, I still can not find a line effective solution, like “Solid,” “Glue stick,” “hammer-type”, etc., have all claimed to have solved the sensor’s service life, but put on the market less than a year, are trying to prove that the only But the concept is the manufacturers hype, or is a good will to everything!

View of this situation, our company invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and colleges and universities and related scientific research institutes to conduct joint scientific and technological, eventually succeeded in integration of digital water level monitoring chip, while the structure on the production process a fundamental improvement, specific features are as follows:

Integrated intelligent digital measuring control instrument for water level and temperature

All kinds of solar water heaters on the existing instrument for monitoring and in-depth field research, based on the problems of the detailed analysis of the existing instrument for monitoring and integrated a variety of fatal shortcoming, we developed targeted integration of digital Intelligent-type level and water temperature measuring control instrument.

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