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Free Solar Panels – Finding Free and Cheap Solar Panels For Your Home

Solar panels are expensive, but if you are prepared to do a little legwork, you can find cheap and even free solar panels for your home.

There are companies that offer ‘broken solar cells’ for free as they are unable to use them for manufactured panels. Although these cells are discarded because they are degraded, they are, in fact not broken and will work just fine. Once you have the ability to build your own panels from these ‘broken’ cells, you will have perfectly effective solar panels for a few dollars versus a few hundred dollars.

Building panels is not difficult and with just a basic understanding of diy, you can manufacture your own 80watt panels in your backyard over a few hours. The cost of paint, board and the other basic components that you will need will cost you no more than $ 50. Solar cells can be purchased ‘broken’ online through online auction sites for much less than full cells will cost you from the hardware store. The instruction manuals are also available online for around $ 50 and include all the schematics you will need to get the job done.

If heating water is the reason for your search for solar panels, then you can achieve excellent results for a fraction of the price if you investigate other options including glass heating systems, sawdust and black piping systems. Although these systems are far cruder, they are very effective and at a cost of less than $ 20 you can heat enough water through any one of these systems to run a shower for one or a bath.

With the massive demand for cheap solar panels, it is a very lucrative industry to get involved in. Building solar panels and selling them to family, friends and neighbours could easily result in a very nice home business earning you a decent second income.

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