Solar Power

Folding Solar Panels – Their Features

To power electric devices, a flexible, durable and highly efficent folding solar panel is a good choice and also an emerged trend in the field of solar technology. The folding solar panels are useful in almost electrical power emergencies situations, for example, the power is run out when traveling, explorating, etc. The name of the device also show its outstanding features like portability, easy being packed in small box.


The latest Flexible Solar Panels have wide range of features associated with it. There is lot of research going on into the field of materials, used for building solar panels and its packaging. Manufactures are trying to make it more light weight and flexible, and in the current market these Panels weighs from few ounces to pounds depending upon the wattage and material used, but in the most cases these are extremely light. Few of them can also work in very harsh and rugged conditions, even in cloudy and rainy conditions; those can work even after getting drenched in rainy water.


Based on the technology used to build Folding solar panels and its size and wattage, it can energize different variety of electronic devices. These folding solar panels can generate enough power to charge Cell Phones, Hand held Radios, Trickle Charging, GPS devices, iPod, Power rechargeable Flashlights, MP3, Running Bilge Pumps, Fish Finders, Lanterns, CB radios, Satellite phones, Small Color Television, Portable XM satellite Radio and Portable games. There is wide range of Folding Solar Panels and Flexible Solar panels are available in the current market viz. 5watt, 6.5 watt, 12 watt, 25 watt and 30 watt. As few electronics devices take less energy then others, 30 watt Flexible Solar Panels can pretty much charge most of the electronic devices effectively with faster pace. With 30 watt, one can charge devices like laptops, car battery and almost all types of cell phones and PDA devices, though it weighs around 2 pound but it can fold down to about eight by ten inch area.


We have looked at effectiveness of Folding Solar Panels in power emergencies scenarios along with its compactness. As Solar Technology is becoming cheaper and effective, we now can effectively utilize in our life.


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