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Flexible Solar Panels Buying Guide

Perhaps you have heard of flexible solar panels, and wonder what applications they may have for you. These products are a fairly new development and are made to flexible, lightweight, and easy to handle. Here are some things to know, if you wish to utilize this type of power from the sun.


In general, they will not be used for an entire house. However, they have many other important uses. These panels are made of very thin and lightweight material. Also when you install them, they do not have to be a permanent installation. In fact, some of these products can be rolled up and taken with you. This makes them excellent for camping trips and outings.

These power sources are excellent for charging batteries for many different things. You can also use them as power for small appliances that take up to about twenty five watts. This means that you can keep things like portable televisions or lamps fully charged, in case of power outages. They will also work for electronic items like laptop computers, cameras, and MP3 players.


Those large solar power stations on roofs are bulky and can be very heavy. Once they are installed they cannot be moved. Rigid products can crack under the right conditions. However, flexible products will not crack, and you can solder more than one together, if you wish. This will increase your power or voltage.

These products are made to be waterproof and resistant to weather conditions. They will not be harmed by constant ultra violet rays, either. Warranties usually run from one to five years.


Flexible panels can be bought as single units or you can buy them in kits. Some kits come with more than one panel, so you can add power to them. They also may have a power inverter. This can make it possible to have them generate house current and voltage.

You can buy these products at many online retailers, and they may also be available at home improvement centers. They are not very expensive to purchase. Look for products that have higher wattage ratings, as you will be able to use them for more purposes. Also, if you wish to be environmentally friendly, buy products that are advertised as not containing cadmium.

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