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Five Cool Things About RV Solar Panels

Going green and renewable energy are the buzz words of the day.  Nearly everyone is conscious that we need to curb our massive energy appetite and start conserving.  What’s not as clear is just how to do that.  Often the green energy alternatives are expensive and complicated.  Well this isn’t true for RV Solar Panels.  Here’s five cool things about them and why they might be perfect for your ‘home away from home’.

1.  Not As Expensive As You Think

Most systems can be had for less $ 800 and there are some systems that are as little as $ 200.  They are widely available at camping stores and websites, where you can find some of the best deals.  And when you factor in the money you will save on fuel for your generator, the panels will usually pay for themselves in less than a couple years.  Plus, the prices on solar panels have been falling dramatically lately.  Many panels have fallen by 20%, and the trend should continue.  And, hey, money is green right?

2.  Easy To Install

Since solar generates DC power, and most RV’s use DC power, these two are a match made in heaven.  Even for rigs that use AC power, they have a battery or batteries that must be fed DC power.  So installing the RV kit is often as easy as mounting the panel in a safe and stable place on the roof, and then running wire to the battery box.  Most systems include a charge controller that prevents the cell from overcharging the battery bank.  It’s also a cinch to expand the system later by simply adding another panel.  Most charge controllers included in the kits can take an additional 1 or 2 solar cells.

3.  Stay Out Farther, Longer

When you get an RV Solar Panel installed, you’ll quickly realize that it extends your range for travel.  You can go farther and stay out longer.  Used to reserving fuel for the backup generator?  Well now you can probably keep that for the vehicle and let the panels keep the batteries charged.  And now you can use the stereo, microwave and TV for longer at night and not feel guilty, since the sun will just recharge the batteries for free in the morning!

4.  Clean and Quiet

If you’re tired of the noisy, messy backup generator, a solar kit can make you pretty much forget about all that.  PV panels have no moving parts, require virtually no maintenance, make no noise, don’t need fuel other than ample sunshine, and are hassle free.  Now you can get out into the woods and actually enjoy the silence of the wilderness.  What a concept right?

5.  That Green Feeling

It can’t be understated that you will feel a sense of satisfaction by helping the environment, even if its a small contribution.  After all isn’t RV-ing about getting away from civilization and appreciating mother nature?  And wouldn’t it be great to be both enjoying mother nature and helping it out a little by burning less carbon?  Now that’s a good feeling.

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