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Solar panels for residential use
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The world is searching for a new source of energy. For years, we have tried to many different sources, from coal to oil. Now we are trying to keep the world a little cleaner, and the only way to do this to to burn an energy that doesn’t put waste back into our planet. We have dabbled into the idea of solar panels, but with this new go green trend, it really is the best way to save on energy costs, and cut down on waste and pollution.

Homeowners across the United States are doing what they need to, to install these solar panels on their home, and do their part to save our planet. Solar panels can provide the same amount of energy as your city’s energy provider. In San Antonio, our City Public Services is advocating the installation of solar panels on new and existing homes. And with the Federal Tax Credit from the Stimulus passed last year, now is the best time to save money on saving money, by installing solar panels on your house.

I speak about San Antonio because I live here, and have seen the solar panels market open dramatically. I installed solar panels on my home about a year ago, and I cannot praise the solar panel gods more. I am not sure who exactly invented solar panels, but they are the biggest blessing. Even if you have to take a loan out, like me, to afford to install solar panels on your home, you will still end up saving money. Of course this is all dependent on your energy consumption.

Now since solar panels is still a whole new way for home owners to derive energy, there are a ton of uneducated homeowners out there. This means there are just as many solar panel contractors willing and ready to take advantage of all the ignorance. Do not become one of these customers. Before you start calling around your city to get bids on putting solar panels on your roof, educate yourself. The best weapon you can have in this industry is product knowledge. Spend an hour a day for a week or so to research online the different types of soalr panels. From kilowatts per hour to cell sizes and inverters. Make sure you are able to compare and contrast the different measurements. Know what is the best, and what is the worst, because it doesnt matter what the solar panel contractor is selling, he is going to make it seem like it is the best. If you have the knowledge on the contractor, then you are able to call “b.s.” This will take you far. You will easily be able to weed the solar panels you don’t want from the ones you may need to think about.

Most solar panels companies will come to your home to take measurements, and give a free estimate on how much it will cost to outfit your home with a solar panels system. Be prepared for numbers in the tens of thousands. If you have made it this far, then the research should have already told you that you are looking to spend anywhere from 10,000 to 75,000 dollars on this single purchase. Solar panels are not cheap, which is why you want to make sure you take the necessary precautions when hiring a solar panels contractor to install them on your home.

Doing my own research and keeping up with the latest solar panels trends, I have seen nightmares of installations on houses. Contractors who just got into the business, and mess up the homes of their customers. Respectfully, its not on purpose I am sure, but these are the types of solar panels contractors you want to stay away from. Always ask the representative to show you examples of previous solar panels installations. If they cannot provide you with that, then steer clear.

I hope this was an informative article about what to watch out for when looking to install solar panels on your home. Wishing you the best of luck. Keep in touch with our articles on here for more ideas to go green and save money in the process.

The article about solar panels is written by author R.Duncan who contributes articles about the right home solar panels and how to find the right contractors.

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