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Ever Think to Have Portable Solar Panels Installed in Your Home?

Portable solar panels may be just the thing for people who do not have a permanent address. If you are one of the many who already understand the benefits of what this alternative generating system can do, then maybe you have adapted enough of it into your lifestyle to consider portable solar panels for your home.

If you are looking into the prospect of using these portable solar panels for heating, they may not be sufficient enough to do that unless you have a lot of them. And by doing so, they might come out a little more expensive to build. The limitation of this prospect also begins at the fact that you are most likely a transient, and that maybe the houses that you transfer to and fro might not have ample space to set these up.

Much like their larger counterparts, portable solar panels need direct exposure to sunlight and may not work with indoor lighting. They can, however, charge on cloudy days but will take a little longer to do so. As of this moment, technology is still on the road to developing better systems that will generate power on artificial lighting conditions and may probably come to be in the next 5 years.

If, by any chance, you have to move the location of these arrays, you have to take a little care when transporting them because although the fabric they cells are attached may be foldable, the cells themselves are not. You may also find them advertised a lot to be sturdy, durable, and waterproof, but they just mean that these are for normal usage applications and do not include piercing or poking them with sharp tools.

Try to check if they also come with built-in regulators. These are pretty handy because they help avoid overcharging of the batteries, and if not that obvious enough to some people, these things only work with rechargeable ones. Funny enough, there are still those that believe all batteries work and function the same as any other and will insist on this issue.

Another nice thing about having transportable arrays is that if you plan a camping trip of sorts, you do not necessarily have to rough it down to the basic essentials. You can bring these little beauties along in the car and hook them up to your car battery to attach to some appliance that you can lug along for extra convenience. Just remember to buy some connectors to be able to adapt them to your car battery, since out of the box systems do not usually bundle them with the package. Alligator clips are the simplest to connect your portable solar panels to your car, boat, or snowmobile.

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