Solar Power

Environmentally Friendly Energy Sources

With the rising cost of gas, oil and other energy sources it seems logical to search for other alternative energy sources. Add to this the problems with today’s air pollution and environment then it becomes apparent that we need to find cleaner sources of energy.

Coal and oil have been abundant and affordable in the past but now it is costly and the resources are running out. Add to that the greed of many that are in control of these resources and the imminent future looks dismal.

Humankind has always met challenges with courage and a strong will. Today will be no different as we come together and solve our problems with sensible solutions.

There are many options including solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and tidal power sources available today.

The three sources that have been gaining popularity lately are solar panels, wind farms and geothermal heating and cooling.

Solar power collects energy from the sun using photoelectric cells. These are clustered into large panels that convert this energy into electric. After the initial investment the cost is little to maintain.

You will see more wind turbines sprout up soon. Wind turbines harness the wind’s energy and can also be converted to electric. In areas of high winds this can be a great solution for cleaner energy.

Geothermal is an excellent option for heating and cooling businesses and homes. Although the initial investment can be large, it can save hundreds a month on energy bills.

Geothermal uses heat exchange. With buried pipes in the ground it circulates a liquid to either carry heat out of the home or into it. This is like a huge heat exchanger. Think of it as a large air conditioner that can also work in reverse.

If we all incorporate alternative energy sources into our lives, then we can contribute to a cleaner and greener Earth. With today’s pollution and dwindling energy supplies it just makes sense to go forward with alternative energy sources.

You want to make smart choices when considering alternative energy. If you have plenty of sun, then solar panels would make a good choice. High and constant winds sets the stage for wind turbines or wind farms. Geothermal units can save you hundreds in the winter months if you live in a cold climate.

Do your research and see if the initial investment will pay off in the years ahead.

Although there is an up front cost, the savings throughout the years can be enormous. The more efficient and clean energy can make a big difference in our lives and health.

You will feel more confident with the independence that alternative power can bring to you.

For a safer and cleaner future think about alternative energy sources today.

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