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The theme of the Expo is “Better City, Better Life!”, And the cities with green, energy saving, Environmental protection Became the World Expo, “potential topic.” Portugal Pavilion creative environment, the Swiss Pavilion Solar Energy Power supply, renewable green Nepal Pavilion Energy Indian Museum of low-power hand … … in the rich material of the environmental elements of the exhibition hall, “in Shanghai? Eco home” show’s environmental philosophy amazing. Looking back at the city we live in, one by one new real estate continue to stand, “in Shanghai? Eco home” concept of environmental protection, should be able to many in our city buildings are being planned to provide a good reference.

Materials are derived from garbage “In Shanghai? Eco home” is the sole representative of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 Shanghai Exhibition physical case project. “In Shanghai,” Shanghai represents the item based on the local community, for Shanghai’s geographical and climatic conditions tailored. The project than similar Building energy efficiency More than 60%, “ecological” word-deserved; “home” is “eco-technology” itself under optimal, warm and comfortable family life.

To enter the exhibition hall, you’ll soon find four different materials, different colors of brick. Red is the “Yangtze River Silt hollow bricks”, dark gray is “recycled aggregate concrete blocks”, light gray is the “fly ash aerated block,” and finally a wall is “Shikumen bricks.” In fact, this show is the exhibition of building materials.

According to reports, all of these building materials from waste. Exhibition hall and even staircase tread facade of brick paving, urban redevelopment in Shanghai when towing the Shikumen bricks. Large brick house with the Yangtze Delta is the production of silt sedimentation of sand and the use of hollow brick manufacturing plant waste autoclaved fly ash bricks. Gypsum board is made of industrial waste gypsum board. After re-processing and packaging, brand-new “waste” into with temperature regulation, insulation, ventilation function of the “breathing wall.” In addition, the wooden roof of bamboo repression. Even the pavilion balcony production, also take a “prefabricated factory, the overall lifting” approach to the construction of contamination to a minimum.

“In Shanghai? Eco home” in the gray water treatment equipment to improve water use efficiency, not only environmentally, but also save money.

Perfect combination of architecture and nature
Order to better achieve energy conservation, “in Shanghai? Eco-home” also make full use of solar energy, wind energy, attention and naturally perfect combination. Into the exhibition hall, its as good as outdoor air and the huge flow of visitors did not let the air get dirty here. Staff explained that the design of the building under the hydrodynamics of “eco-core” to the wind on all sides to “optimize”, and filtered through the plant purification system to keep the air fresh.

Entered the room light is enough, do not turn on the lights in the room north of office would have no problem writing. Design of the roof opening and closing roof, you can enhance natural ventilation while increase the effects of indoor lighting.

Good building capacity while also saving
Buildings around us most “warm winter cool in summer”, the coldest in the winter when we had to use electric heating and electric blankets, heating, and air conditioning in summer is accompanied by all day. In the “in Shanghai? Eco home”, all have become in the past, because the building say that good architecture can not only energy, but also to produce energy!

“In Shanghai? Eco home” to install solar photovoltaic cells, solar energy can “collect” them into electricity; roof high above the vertical wind power plant can also generate electricity; the house owner in the indoor cycling exercise, its kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy. If, this building is a residential building, then the energy it provides complete enough for the residents inside the building, and even left.

The building, different types of energy can be collected and concentrated, and even according to the actual needs of different households transformation. Inside the building of a seemingly ordinary direct lift, in fact, potential energy can be stored and transformed into electrical energy. This elevator is now available to promote the use, it saves about 30% of the electricity. Selected fuel cell system as thermal energy in the kitchen, you can save 30% of the gas. Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission established diplomatic relations

Jianhao Director, said in an interview, this eco-house 70% of the technology can be immediately applied, and the remaining 30% can also be applied in the next 5 years.

Corresponding Jiangmen city construction, we are also able to use these advanced technologies, so close to building “green” up? (Reporter Li Xin)

Green Jiangmen City intended to start the Existing Building Energy Saving
PRC’s URA learned from the city to live, since 2003, the city construction department began an orderly manner the work of building energy efficiency, all new construction in Jiangmen city all by the national and provincial standards for building design and energy saving construction; Currently, the city is planning to start the existing buildings for energy saving.

Recent years, great efforts to promote the city “no real” work, which prohibit the use of solid clay. By the end of the year, within the city urban construction basically Project Full use of new wall materials. The city is now widely used, there are four new wall material, which pressurized aerated concrete block, pressurized foam concrete blocks, concrete block ceramic, shale brick, mainly used in external walls, internal walls and roof, these three are the best part of the role of improving building energy efficiency. Jiangmen Customs armed police barracks is the last city to live Authority guidance created a building energy demonstration projects, its external and internal walls of concrete blocks all use of pressurized foam, ceramic concrete block, roof heat pump is used Hot water system , Indoor Lighting Are all using energy saving lamp costs 200 yuan per square meter / about, but saving the whole project at least 60% per year.

The same time, the city is planning to launch energy saving of existing buildings to the existing office buildings, shopping malls, hotels are three types of public building energy-saving focus, government offices will be setting an example, and then gradually in other public buildings and in residential building spread. (Reporter Liu Ying Ran)

Expert Comments Shuo Yin Wu Chinese Academy of Sciences:
Jiangmen glass house or the high side

Last October 19, Chinese Academy of Sciences came to Wu Shuo Yin Jiangmen, Jiangmen, in addition to praising the city clean, green good, good water environment, he also suggested that in this era of low-carbon economy, Jiangmen city green building are should consider energy conservation in buildings, Jiangmen should build more “green building”

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