Solar Power

Energy Consumers in US Favor Solar and Wind

Solar energy
by oXane

Power generation using renewable sources of energy is on the agenda of several countries. Some of these countries have set goals of obtaining a large percentage of their energy from renewables in the near future. An important factor in generation from renewable sources is gaining the support of power consumers. The move from traditional sources to clean sources requires a large amount of upfront investment and the addition of the required equipment to the landscape – for example wind turbines in the case of generation from wind.

In a recent survey, Pike Research asked 1,000 US adults their opinion about a dozen energy and environmental concepts: wind energy, solar energy, bio fuels, hybrid vehicles, electric cars, clean coal, nuclear power, smart meters, smart grid, carbon offsets/credit, LEED certification, and cap and trade.

Pink Research found that 75% of the participants were in favor of wind energy, and 79% supported the concept of solar energy. The survey also showed that only 6% (60 people) were unfamiliar wind energy and only 4% (40 people) were not sure about solar energy. 

Only 5% of people had an unfavorable opinion about wind energy, and with solar energy this percentage went down to 4%.

In comparison, 37% people were in favor of smart grid and smart meters. Another important thing to note is that 35%
participants were not aware of the concept of smart grid and 32% were unfamiliar with smart meters.

With a 19% unfavorable opinion, nuclear power and cap and trade were had the largest percentage of “strongly unfavorable” or “somewhat unfavorable” views from survey takers.

With 53% unfamiliarity rating, LEED Certification was the least known concept. In case you haven’t heard of it either, it’s a green building certification program administered by the US Green Building Council.

Pike Research has summarized the results of the survey in a free white paper entitled “Energy & Environment Consumer Survey “available on the firm’s website.

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