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Solar panels for residential use
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If you are looking for a way to lower your energy costs each month, installing a solar power system for your home might be the right answer for you. Installing electric solar panels on your home can be a great improvement project and can also raise the value of your home. Solar power technology have advanced over the years and they now are a economical and practical way of generating up to all of a home’s power requirements.

Installing electric solar panels on your home takes a little planning. The first step you need to take is to find your previous electrical usage. If you do this you will get a good idea of your future consumption and you can size your system based on this information.

Once you know how large your system needs to be you have to decide what type of electric solar panels you want to install. In the field of solar panels, they are all called Photo Voltaic (PV) even though there are basically three different types of electric solar panels available.

The first kind of electrical solar panel is know as Monocrystalline, because the panel is made from one big crystal. Because this type of panel still produces power in lower light situations and it will generate more energy than other panels it is the best choice. The only problem is that because it is made from one costly crystal it is more expensive than other panels.

Another type of solar panel is called Polycrystalline, and although it is much the same as the first type of panel, these panels are made of a number of smaller crystals. Even though it doesn’t generate electricity as efficiently as the first style of panel is will still do the job. This style of panel is the most commonly used.

The third style of electric solar panel is called Amorphous and it is built by applying silicon directly onto stainless steel plates. It is less efficient than the other choices and will require more of these type of electric solar panels to generate the same amount of power you would get from a few of the other two types.

After deciding on which type of solar electric panel to use, you will have to mount the panels on your home’s roof. You have a number of different methods of doing this, and a rail system is the most secure of them. The rails are attached to your roof and are the base for the solar panels. The rails are connected through the roof and into its beams.

Once these are mounted and weatherproofed you can install your solar electric panels on top of them. The entire rail assembly will be mounted with an inch or two of clearance between the panels and the roof to provide for clear access for rain and debris to run under the solar electric panels, and for proper ventilation.

If your home does not have perfect exposure to catch the suns rays for your solar electric panels, you may have to use a more sophisticated mounting. You can buy a mounting rail system that will adjust the angle of panels as the sun moves across the sky to make sure that the panel has maximum exposure. They can be more costly, but the panels will generate much more energy.

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