Solar Power

Dont Buy Luminous Solar NXT PCU

We have bought Luminous NXt PCU (6KW) 11 months ago for almost 3.88 Lakh, from the day one the inverter has become a headache for us, every day it gives us a new issue and we have not seen it working properly.

Initially, the inverter app IBOT was not working and Luminous took 2 months to solve that complaint, they have given us so many misleading statements to solve this complaint, everytime a new engineer comes and tells a new reason.

The PCU unit got a major fault in which the whole motherboard and the PCB unit got a fault, Luminous took 2+ months to resolve the complaint and did not even provide a service inverter.

it frequently gives us overload and low battery trip issue, though the batteries are fully charged, I have uploaded the videos to show the same issue on youtube.

We have lodged many complaints to Luminous but the luminous team has not been able to resolve to this issue, as now the service has been given to the external service agency so it has become more pathetic

Today we found boiling water inside the batteries which i have never seen in my life, i am not sure about the main issue but i have told this many times to luminous but they are not ready to resolve this issue through the inverter is under warranty.

At the end i would suggest dont buy solar product from Luminous.

If you need more details you may contact me on 8595155103