Solar Power

Do it Yourself Energy (Bike Generator, Solar Ovens, Solar Stirling Engine)

Do it yourself energy is a great way to reduce your dependence on the energy grid especially in emergency situations where a way to cook food, pump water, or other necessities is enough. These projects are all simple and cheap methods to empower your life.

Bike Generator

Creating a bicycle generator is in my opinion the most useful project here. It will allow you to create enough electricity to power various appliances or charge batteries for use later. Essentially all you need to do is mount a bicycle with the back wheel hooked up to a DC generator. This generator should connect to a charge controller which connects to a battery bank. Then the batteries connect to an inverter which will allow you to plug in your devices.

Solar Oven

Cooking with the suns energy is extremely efficient and easy to do. All you need is a reflective surface that you can mold into a parabolic dish shape. Use this dish to focus the light onto a black cooking pot. Black is used as it will absorb the most energy. This pot should also be encased in an oven bag to prevent any heat from escaping. That’s all there is to it. It will take a few hours to cook something but when you have no other way it works great.

Solar Stirling Engine

While the bike generator is a great way to generate electricity using your own body it requires you to be riding the bicycle generator for it to work. This can take up precious time or even physical energy which translates into food. A better alternative is passive generation with this engine. I won’t go into the details of creating a Stirling engine but if you create one simply use a Fresnel lens to focus the sunlight onto the heat sink thus powering the system. Not only can this be used to create electricity but it also easily converts to mechanical work.

Remember that you don’t have to rely on the utilities to get you enough energy for basic life necessities. These three methods combined will give you active electricity generation, passive food cooking, and passive electricity generation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. If you’d like to learn more about DIY energy projects I suggest you check out this page on building a bicycle generator or bike generator which I consider to be the most important or useful technique out there. Also, be sure to stop by the DIY energy page as well for instructions and details on each of these methods.

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