Solar Power

DIY Solar Panels – How to Make Solar Panels All by Yourself

If you are a DIY enthusiast and have an interest in solar panels, you’ll find a lot of DIY solar panel guidebooks online. Some excellent solar panel kits are also available for purchase online or at the local solar parts suppliers. These books on how to make solar panels at home can save you a lot of money for your project and you can even start your own solar panels business for a great profit.

Solar cells are the most expensive of all the components needed to build any kind of solar panels. It is important to know that solar cells can be bought online at the lowest cost, they usually don’t cost more than $ 1 a piece. There are a number of sources online like auction sites and B2B portals where you can get new or used ones for pennies. Broken solar cells are also an option, however it’s not recommended for DIY novices. The broken ones can really make your project much more cheaper because they are almost as effective as the new or second ones yet come at a fraction of the price. Being the most expensive components of a solar panel even a 20% change in the price can reduce the total cost of the project which should not exceed two hundred dollars.

Although the final solar panel may not necessarily look as attractive as one that is build from new solar cells, broken solar cells work just as great. If this is your first DIY renewable energy project, it’s not ideal to purchase broken solar cells but once you get a hang of things they can reduce the cost of building a solar panel by 50%. If you understand how to set up a basic solar panel, how to tie in with the grid and how to link them up to maximize the total energy produced, you should try using broken solar cells in your next project.

Some friends of mine already have their own small business selling homemade solar panels and as far as I know it’s going pretty well. All you need is to learn how to make solar panels first and then start your own business in the DIY solar panel industry.

If you’re tired of high electricity bills discover how thousands of families worldwide use homemade solar panels to power their homes.