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DIY Solar Panels – ‘Finally Revealed’ Step by Step DIY Instructions to Build Your Own Solar Panels

How do you like to build your own DIY solar panels?  Having a solar panel system installed at your home can reduce your monthly electric bill by 60%-80%. The interesting part here is you can harness the power of the sun for more or less $ 200. And there is no need for special skills to create your own DIY solar panels.

Imagine for $ 200 you can really save 80% of your monthly electric bill. For a minimal investment, you can save a considerable amount of money each month. That is why millions of people are turning their attention on do-it-yourself solar panels projects. Yes, you can make your own solar panel and here is the step-by step process to make DIY solar panels.

First, it is best to get a 16-volt solar panel to suit your needs. It is not difficult to find a panel like this because you can find the parts at the local hardware store. Normally, this panel cost more or less $ 100.

The next thing you need to get is a battery. You may tend to go big on this one, a small rechargeable battery would be best. Look for a 12 volt deep cell acid or lead battery as they are good for constant use. 

Purchase a battery box for safety purpose. In case you build your DIY solar panels in a small area or have children around the area, the battery box will provide protection from the battery and the power it emanates.

You need a DC meter that complements the battery’s voltage and a DC input. These items let you convert the energy from the panel and supply power around your home. You will need to get an inverter to power AC appliances.

Then, it is time to attach the meter and DC input to the top end of the battery box. Use some insulated wires to attach the meter to the battery. It is safe to work with one wire at a time and attach the first wire to negative input first. Same procedure goes when connecting the solar panel and DC inlet to the battery.

Now you may begin harnessing the sun’s power into usable energy. Use a cord to close the lid tightly and put the whole thing out into the sun. You will need eight hours to charge the solar panel and you are ready to use home made energy. 

There you go. If you want to demolish your electric bill, then create your own DIY solar panels. Having one installed in your home would be great for the environment and great for your family as well.

These are the basic, summarized steps on how to build your own DIY solar panels, however, if you make the decision to build your own solar panel, and you find these instructions a little complicated or advanced for your knowledge; I recommend that you download a complete step by step study course which will provide you with idiot-proof easy to follow instructions as well as with tech support in case you need assistance in the process.

Building solar panels or windmills (wind turbines) to create green energy for your home can be a very gratifying and rewarding experience, and you can be on your way to be energy free in no time, however, be very careful when you pick an expert or guide to follow since your success of failure may well depend in the information you use to accomplice your goal.

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