Solar Power

DIY Solar Panels? Don’t Even Try to Build Solar Panels For Your Home

Solar panels for residential use
by itmpa

Ok, I know there is a lot of buzz these days about renewable energy, especially solar and wind energy. And there also is a lot of hype about DIY solar panels and DIY wind turbines. BUT, do you really think you can build your own solar panels? Really? Don’t you know you have to have a professional installation team come and assemble and mount the solar panels on your roof?


Well……actually the truth is that you can build your own solar panels…Well, I should clarify. If you are decently intelligent and willing to put in some time and effort and purchase the necessary parts, you can build your own panels.

DO NOT even try to build solar panels if…

– You have no motivation to follow instructions

– Don’t know what a screwdriver is

– Watch television 12 hours a day

– Prefer to keep paying the electric company for your electricity as much as possible

But, if those characteristics do not describe you, then you most definitely can succeed.

Recently, I got into the whole DIY scene, especially solar and wind power projects. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and doing projects, so I figured I’d give it a try. I purchased one of the DIY guides that was available online. It was pretty cool, had several different manuals – some for solar power and some for wind power, along with a really nice tutorial video series. It simplified the whole process and gave clear parts and tools lists and directions to follow.

Right now I’m in the midst of the construction process; I’m not quite finished with my solar panel project, but I will be soon. I’ve enjoyed the project and it hasn’t been extremely difficult. The videos from the guide really helped. All they do is follow the host as he builds his own solar panel system, and he narrates and explains exactly what he is doing the whole time, so I pretty much just watch him and replicate what he is doing on the video. Not a complicated process.

I definitely recommend giving the solar panel project a shot; I’m sure you can be successful and get some great, money-saving, environment-helping, solar panels up on your roof. 

Go for it! Build those solar panels this weekend!

Jude Angel is a DIY enthusiast and loves taking on new DIY challenges. His most recent project is Home DIY Solar Panels for the average “weekend DIYer”.