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DIY Solar Panels – A Sensible Global Warming Solution?

We are currently bombarded with frightening global warming facts, most of which paint quite a serious picture of ecosystems going haywire, severe weather patterns and wild temperature fluctuations.

Many of these problems are ascribed to the effects of excessive use of (dwindling!) fossil fuels. The most serious warning is probably the fat that the world may soon reach a point of no return in terms of global warming, regardless of the efforts we might still make to curb it.

This is leading many individuals and households to consider what particular contribution they could make as part of the worldwide global warming solutions being attempted.

One of the most immediate solutions that is growing in popularity because of the ease with which it can be implemented, and also because of the real effect this has on the environment, is to build DIY solar panels as part of a solar power generator at home.

Of course building solar panels does take a little effort, and many a concerned citizen may think it takes specialized skills, but the fact is that those who put shoulder to the wheel, usually get it done.

Thanks to excellent step-by-step guides it is now within the reach of just about anyone who wants to do their bit for the environment – and save thousands of dollars in the process!

It is a fact that DIY solar panels can cost less than a couple of hundred dollars, and the whole system will cost much less by far than a conventional solar installation.

If done properly and according to professional guides , building your own solar panel power system could bring down your household energy bill by up to 80% in some cases!

A recent report highlighted a particular global warming effect that has been observed now for about a decade. Due to overall higher temperatures, the forest beetles in the cold spruce forest regions have seriously multiplied and spread, destroying millions of acres of forest.

If this trend were to accelerate unhindered, the consequences could be catastrophic.

This is not to say that building solar panels will turn this devastating process around and save the world, but it may be a realistic part of the global warming solutions the world is currently urgently in need of.

And don’t forget: DIY solar panels will also save your household a bundle in direct energy costs!

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