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DIY Solar Guides – How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

If you’ve considered a home improvement recently the first thing in hand is to think about all the global warming and why not the recession. A proven, tested and effective way to reduce and even eliminate your electric bill is by installing solar panels in your house, which isn’t that hard as many people may think. For those that are not aware of the endless benefits of the solar energy I will just remind some of the main ones: You can reduce your electric bill by 80% or even more, you can live off the grid and you’ll also protect the environment for many years to come. But the question is .. “how much do solar panels really cost”?

Anyone considering to buy a professional solar power system to produce enough electricity for the lighting and heating of their homes should know that such a system can cost you thousands of dollars which isn’t at anyone’s hand these days.

Seriously how many people can afford to spend thousands of dollars just for the sake of going green and hardly see a return on investment even in the following five or ten years? Not to mention the additional installation costs. There is an increasing number of people interested in solar energy, only in the first semester of this year alone thousands of people in the U.S. have installed their own solar power and wind power systems.

A company called ‘Swerd Publishing’ has spent years to research this particular issue and released the first and only complete DIY system for making solar panels all by yourself.

Their guide includes not only basic information but advanced step-by-step instructions that are simply laid out that even a DIY novice can follow. It also includes diagrams and videos to make your DIY project even easier. So if you still have no clue about how much solar panels cost you should know that using this system lets you build them for under $ 200 or even less. 

If you’re tired of high electricity bills discover how thousands of families worldwide benefit from homemade solar panels to power their homes.

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