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DIY Solar Energy – Tap Into the Power of the Sun

There is simply no doubt about it, DIY solar energy is seeing a major surge in popularity. It really is no surprise though when you consider the rising price of energy and the increased awareness of how we manage our planet and its resources. And this lousy recession that we can’t seem to get out of certainly adds to the attractiveness of harnessing a renewable energy resource, in this case, the sun.

Using solar panels can actually reduce our electricity bills to the point where they become negligible expenses. Not only that but if you were to truly get ambitious you could string together enough solar cells and solar panels that you could actually eliminate your electricity bill altogether. It is even possible to generate enough electricity that you can sell it back to the electric company.

With the run-up in fuel prices that we have seen over the past three years people are now, and possibly for the first time in these numbers, taking alternative energy sources serious. It’s true that we become complacent when it is cheap to do so but with the rising cost of utilities the time for complacency has ended. We simply can no longer afford it.

Adding to the attractiveness of DIY solar energy is the friendly tax treatment that people who take advantage of it receive. Not only that but the Obama administration also seems to be very friendly towards alternative sources of energy including wind power and solar energy. There are initiatives that encourage the use of natural resources and I would say that it’s a safe bet that we will see more of them in the future.

Probably the biggest issue with DIY solar energy is the initial cost. There is no single question that purchasing solar panels and having them installed requires a serious outlay of cash. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to install a solar energy system for even an average sized home. Photovoltaic cells are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

But what if you could make your own solar cells and string them together into solar panels? Not only will you save thousands of dollars on parts and labor but you will also enjoy the long-term savings that come with solar energy. Not only will they pay for themselves over time but they will also increase the resale value of your home.

Well, I have good news. It absolutely is possible to build your own DIY solar energy system and you can do it for as little as $ 200 per solar panel. And the surprising thing is that it is really not that difficult to do. With parts and supplies you can get from your local hardware store or home improvement center and common household tools, you can build your own solar panels and generate electricity to power your home.

There are several excellent programs online that literally spell out everything you need to not only build your own solar energy system for your home but to also construct wind power generators for an additional source of energy. For less than $ 50 you can have the instructions that you need instantly sent to your computer allowing you to take action without delay.

A do-it-yourself solar energy project is not nearly as difficult as one may think. With just using common household tools you’ll have your first solar panel completed in no time and will begin generating electricity from the sun. Then it will be you that will be radiating from the satisfaction that you will not only be saving a substantial amount of money, but will also be doing your part in reducing our carbon footprint. 

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