Solar Power

DIY Renewable Energy For Free Electricity

It almost sounds too good to be true – diy renewable energy for your home, your business, and/or your RV, free to get AND good for the planet AND you can easily install it DIY!

The good news is that it is not only possible but 100% TRUE!

Renewable energy comes directly from nature – wind, sun, wave and water.

Most of us don’t live beside the sea or by a stream or river and this rules out wave and water power for all but a few, but we can still have DIY renewable energy from the sun or from the wind all in our own backyard and other than for the initial outlay it is all for free.

Whether you opt for wind power or solar power, or a combination of the two will depend on where you live. If you live in an area that has a regular wind blowing, a good wind turbine system capable of delivering 500+ Watts of power is a huge energy saver.

Wind power is probably the oldest method of getting free energy – we have all seen Western movies with an old windmill pumping water from the well. Happily things have moved on a long way since those days and today wind turbines, a turbine being a hugely efficient windmill, and provided the wind speed is around 10mph, or above, you should pretty much get enough power to meet most, if not all, of your electricity needs.

Clearly different turbines have different power outputs and do depend on the wind speed but you should still on average save up to around 80% on the electricity costs that you currently pay to the utility company.

Industrially manufactured and custom installed wind turbine units can cost thousands of dollars but doing it yourself can cost well under $ 200.

How much do you pay every year to the power company?

Stop throwing away so much money – a minimal investment of less $ 200 and you start getting power for free day after windy day using DIY renewable energy AND it helps save the planet!

It should be noted though that it does need a bit of space and if you only have small yard or flat area of roof you might have to install a smaller unit which will deliver less energy will still do the business if combined with a DIY solar energy system.

The other money saving way to reduce your energy costs is DIY solar power.

There are 2 systems for getting free energy from the sun – traditional heating (direct heating from the heat of the sun) or electricity generation (uses solar cells).

Both systems are well within the budget of everyone and are easy enough to put together to be well within the capabilities of DIY’ers everywhere.

For around $ 200 it is possible to have an electrical generation DIY solar system that will provide sufficient power for your fridge, washing machine, computer, TVs, lights etc. The great thing about this is its size which means it can also used in RV’s. The more panels you can together the more power you can get.

The other DIY renewable energy system is capturing heat by using water or liquid filled panels. These are very efficient in providing heat for central heating or hot water. Dollar for dollar these systems give the quickest payback against outlay as the energy heat saving gains are substantial.

Stop wasting money today and instead start helping to save the environment and get plugged into DIY renewable energy.

Most people do not realise that it is possible to use DIY Renewable Energy such as solar energy and wind power to generate enough electricity so that you could save as much as 80% of your normal electricity costs, in fact in some cases it is even possible to generate so much electricity that your are able to sell it back to the power company. Find out how DIY Renewable Energy can save you money.

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