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Discover How To Get Free Solar Panels For Your Home

So you are interested in getting some free solar panels so that you can take advantage of the free electricity they produce and improve your green credentials. This article will outlay the information you need to not only get the panels at no cost but to also to get a firm to install them and maintain them for free.

First off we are going to clarify what solar panels actually do and then explain why you can get them without paying a penny. We will then talk about the companies that are currently offering this service in the UK.

There are two type of solar panels, there are solar hot water panels and photovoltaic cell panels. The difference is that the first type of technology is used to heat or pre heat water for use in your home. This could be used for your hot water or heating. The second type, the photovoltaics, are used to generate electricity for use in your home. The type of panels that you can get for free are the type that generates electricity from sunlight.

Notice how I said sunlight in the last sentence, this is because due to a popular misconception many people have they do not need direct sunlight to operate. This means they can still produce electricity even on a cloudy day.

So why would a company not only be giving away these panels but also offer to install them and maintain them for 25 years? The reason is due to the governments feed in tariff that pays small green electricity producers a tariff for all the electricity they produce. This means that for every unit of electricity those panels produce a fee is paid to the owner of the panels.

There are a I write three companies who offer this service in the UK and these are A Shade Greener, ISIS Solar and Homesun. What they will do is install and set up your system and then maintain them so that they run efficiently for 25 years. This means that if they need fixing they will do it at their cost, not yours.

They will own the system and claim the tariffs but you will get all the free electricity. Usually after the 25 years is up you take ownership of the system and continue to benefit from the green electricity they produce. You may also benefit from the feed in tariff fees at this point depending in what form they are still running.

So there you have it, you too can benefit from free solar panels and get a guaranteed 25 years of free electricity. To find out more visit

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