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Customer’s Green DIY Energy Review – Is Green DIY Energy No Good?

Yes, I am a real customer of Green DIY Energy. I actually purchased their guide myself, for $ 49.97. You’ll find a lot of so-called “reviews” from people who haven’t even purchased the product themselves; how can one give an honest Green DIY Energy review if he or she hasn’t even purchased the solar panel guide themselves?

But, rest assured that I actually have invested in the Green DIY Energy kit and have will give you the REAL Pros and Cons of it. Let’s get to it.

The Green DIY Energy Review Pros:

Manuals and Videos are Top Notch – I feel that the $ 50 I paid for the guide was a fair price for the amount of instruction they contain. I was very pleased with the manuals, and especially the series of how-to videos that walk you through the entire process. The manuals are well-written, easy for a layman to follow (I myself have no previous experience with solar panel construction, and found them very easy to understand) and contain clear illustrations and photographs of the components and construction processes they are describing.

The videos are my favorite part of Green DIY Energy. They are professionally done, and follow one man, the host, as he goes through the entire solar panel construction process. He introduces you to solar panels, goes over exactly what tools and materials you need, and then constructs his own panel, explaining everything he does.

The Green DIY Energy bonuses are Actually Worthwhile – I haven’t gone through every one of the bonuses that come with the purchase (there are 7 ebook bonues), but what I have read through so far is actually very helpful. The ebooks contain details about the wiring process, installation and discuss solar tax credits.

The Green DIY Energy Review Cons:

Where do I get the materials? Although the guide does a nice job of telling and showing me what tools and materials I need, I wish it would tell me exactly where to purchase the materials. I assume that most of them can be found at Home Depot or someplace like that, but it would be nice if they pointed me towards websites where I could compare prices.

No phone support – I would like if they had technical support via phone to talk to when I run into problems, which I’m sure I will (nothing is ever as simple as it seems!), but as of now, they only offer email support.

So there you have it, my initial Green DIY Energy Review. I’ll update you later on in the construction process, but as of now, I’m pretty excited about the project. I think I’ll be able to actually have my own solar panel system up and running in a few days!

Jude Angel is a DIY enthusiast and loves taking on new DIY challenges. He recently tackled how to build solar panels for the average “weekend DIYer”.

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