Solar Power

Converting Sun Energy Into Electricity

Sun energy is what keeps the earth alive. It provides the rays needed for things to grow as well as to keep man healthy. Due to scientific advancement over the years, this energy is finally being realized as an important element in producing electricity as well as providing heat for the home and other uses.

Electricity is not something new. The first ‘static electricity’ was discovered in 600 BC and, of course, everyone knows about Benjamin Franklin and his famous flying a kite in a lightning storm to prove it had electricity. However, it was not until 1879 that electricity came into the picture to became a necessity for everyday living. This was when scientists discovered electrons which are the basis of electricity.

One of the greatest advances was the development of solar panels to capture the rays of the sun and covert them into practical use. These panels are extremely important in reducing mankind’s dependence on fossil fuels, the fumes of which are causing damage to the earth’s atmosphere. As time goes on, more and more use of the sun’s energy is coming into play.

At the current time there are some solar plants throughout the world that are using the sun’s energy to produce electricity. These plants consist of large solar power panels, which connect protons and electrons to convert energy from the sun into electricity. These plants are being built in areas that have a great deal of sunlight.

The discovery of the danger of fossil fuels use to the atmosphere has caught the attention of the entire world. Scientists in many countries are working on ways to change this dependency, especially where electricity is concerned. As a result, more things are being produced, every day, using the sun’s energy.

There is no doubt that electricity is the biggest user of fossil fuels throughout the world. It is used to run manufacturing plants, light homes, buildings and streets, run all types of household and business equipment and many other things. It has finally been determined that these fossil fuels are not going to last forever, hence the scramble to find alternatives, which has turned out to be the sun.

The sun is a star which is made up of burning gases. It has thermonuclear reactions, which produce the immense heat and radiation. It is this solar energy that the earth is converting into various modes of use for mankind, including electricity.

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