Wind Energy

[Concepts] How do Wind Turbine Rotors Really Work?

An introduction to wind turbine aerodynamics, blade design and control systems with little/no mathematics. The following topics are covered:

1) 1:27 How are wind turbine blades constructed?

2) 6:15 Why are wind turbine blades more complex than aeroplane wings?

3) 7:47 Why are wind turbine blades twisted?

4) 11:49 What happens when the wind speed changes?

This video presents a simple, concise introduction to wind turbine aerodynamics and aerodynamic control. A more detailed and mathematical discussion can be found in many core engineering textbooks.

The following textbooks may be useful:

1) T. Burton, N. Jenkins, D. Sharpe and E. Bossanyi, ‘Wind Energy Handbook’, Wiley, 2nd Edition, 2011.

2) John D. Anderson Jr. ‘Fundamentals of Aerodynamics’, McGraw-Hill Education, 5th edition, 2010.

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