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Commercial And Residential Uses For A Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Neoprene or polychloroprene is a member of synthetic rubbers family and is produced by polymerization of chloroprene. Neoprene in general has good chemical stability, and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. These properties of the material make it useful for different purposes such as electrical insulation, wear resistant pads, vibration pads, buffers, diaphragms, industrial matting and in industrial applications such as gaskets, hoses, and corrosion-resistant coatings.

Most of the time, the stuff is sold to commercial enterprises such as factories and workshops which use it for an array of purposes. Some places use the sheets as floor mats to protect their concrete from spills or to give workers a padded surface to stand on while operating machines. Neoprene’s chemical inertness makes it well suited for other industrial applications such as gaskets, hoses, and corrosion-resistant coatings. It can be used as a base for adhesives, noise isolation in power transformer installations, and as padding in external metal cases to protect the contents while allowing a snug fit.

It resists burning better than exclusively hydrocarbon based rubbers, resulting in its appearance in weather stripping for fire doors and in combat related attire such as gloves and face masks. Neoprene is also used as a contrast in some jewelry designs. Many factories will cut a neoprene rubber sheet into strips and use the smaller pieces to insulate electrical wiring to protect the wires from harsh conditions. As a matter of fact, if you run any kind of manufacturing business, you can literally find hundreds of applications for a single neoprene rubber sheet on your premises.

The insulation properties make it a favorable material to be used in activities in which there is an exposure to extreme of temperature. They can also be used for diving purposes as they are cheaper then the expensive breathable rubbers and better than the nylon or rubber suits that are very cheap. The material is also used in various sports goods in the kind of sports which incorporate abrasion. Sports good manufacturing companies are of the opinion that neoprene adds reinforcement (ankle support) and guards against abrasions like few other more expensive materials do and so find it suitable for making suits of skiing and other sports.

There are plenty of residential uses as well. People can use a neoprene rubber sheet on the garage floor to guard against oil leaks from an older vehicle. Oil spills are notoriously hard to clean up once they soak into concrete, so taking preventive measures can definitely pay off. You can also use strips from a neoprene rubber sheet to help insulate doors and windows a bit better. This can keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, thereby substantially reducing your energy bills. Neoprene sheets can also be used for covering the newly painted surfaces.

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