Solar Power

Clean Energy: Solar Power Panels Or Magnet-based Generators? Pros And Cons

If we take a look at the several possibilities to set up an Alternative Energy System for our home, we realize that two of the options we can pick out are a Solar Panels System and a Magnet-based Power Generator.

Generally speaking, I would say that both resources of energy are very good. Nevertheless, each way has some advantages and disadvantages that we must bear in mind. The advantages of an alternative, clean and renewable energy are clear, primarily because the gotten energy is totally free and non-pollutant, but they have some disadvantages as well. One is the room the introduction of these systems requires in our homes: whereas the home solar panels can be built on the roof of our house, the magnetic generator needs a specific space to be placed Nevertheless, this small drawback would not be an impediment if we really were for a renewable, clean energy to supply the electricity need of our home.

The biggest problem when introducing a home alternative energy system is, for most of us, the available budget. Solar energy for powering our home and its several lights and devices would be great, but a full home solar energy system is actually too expensive to fit in the financial possibilities of the average family in nearly all countries in the world.

Moreover, buying a magnetic generator is not as easy as that since, at the time I am writing this article, I do not know of any manufacturer that is constructing and distributing this sort of generators.

Therefore, the issue in that case would be to build a DIY or homemade energy system, either a solar energy or a magnet generator system, or both!

There are some ways in which we can make a set of solar panels ourselves (which are the most expensive item in the solar energy solution) as well as make a magnetic generator with the help of some mechanic experts nearby.

In my opinion, we could try both systems, for the solar thermal energy also known as STE (that is, the technology for using solar energy in order to get hot water or heating systems) is not as costly as photovoltaics (which turns solar energy directly into electrical power). In my recent stay in India, I was happy to find that in some hostels there was unlimited hot water service and this was thanks to the solar thermal energy systems they had built up on the roof of their houses. It was a very encouraging bit of news to see how people are going towards alternative, inexhaustible and non-polluting energy sources in different countries of the world.

As for the electricity our homes need, a photovoltaic electricity system would be the right answer if the solar panels were not so outrageously expensive! To get over this difficulty we have two possibilities: either we build the solar panels ourselves or we go for the magnetic generator. If you asked me what would you choose? my reply would be: Both! (Whenever possible, of course, and little by little at any rate).

Finally, if we wish to help each other and ourselves by using non-polluting energy sources for the sake of our environment, the two choices mentioned above are a very salutary solution. Nonetheless, they are not the only possibilities in order to power our homes with clean energy: wind energy is also a very good alternative too, but of this I will speak in another article!

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