Solar Power

China’s Solar Energy Resources And Market Prospects – Heating, Environmental Protection – Heat

China has abundant Solar Energy Resources. According to statistics, every year China’s total terrestrial solar radiation, equivalent to 2.4 trillion t of standard coal, the country’s total area of 2 / 3 regional annual sunshine time of more than 2000h, particularly in some parts of the Northwest more than 3000h. On the other hand, with the current world photovoltaic technology and its application materials, the rapid development of optoelectronic materials, multiply the cost down, photoelectric conversion rates continue to increase, which will bring solar power costs significantly. The world’s photovoltaic industry is generally believed that, by 2010 the cost of solar photovoltaic cells will be reduced to the conventional Energy The degree of competition. This vigorous development of solar energy resources in China possible.

1, China’s solar energy development will be in remote, underdeveloped areas as a guide

Present, there are 76.56 million people without electricity and 16 radio counties, 828 townships and 29,783 radio villages without electricity. Because these counties, towns and villages and scattered herds located in the remote, far from the grid, electricity load small and scattered, within the past 20 years can not achieve through the extension of grid electricity. Abundant solar energy resources in China, 2 / 3 or more annual sunshine than areas 2000h, average annual radiation is about 5900MJ/m2. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu and northern Shaanxi, Hebei, northwestern, southern Xinjiang, Ningxia and parts of the Northeast particularly light. In China, the majority of the population without electricity just mainly in these areas. Moreover, these areas are also very rich in wind resources, the development of wind power are more appropriate.

Of economy speaking, for the remote areas of the village (or other group), in light is greater than 2500h, the annual average wind speed is greater than 5m / s in the region, when the power grid over a distance of 25km, the conventional power grid greater than the cost of photovoltaic and wind power generation costs. Light-year is greater than 2500h in the area, monthly electricity consumption is greater than 2100kW? H, the photovoltaic power generation system on the economy than diesel made Motor Group. For dispersed users in remote areas and the internal combustion engine of conventional power generation cost is not with wind power, solar power home systems competition. In the wind, good light district resources, the user can choose according to their own needs different configurations, the electricity cost 2 to 6.5 yuan / kW? H. Through the technical and economic analysis, conclusion is obvious, under the present conditions with wind power and photovoltaic power generation technology (or Wind) to solve decentralized power supply in remote areas is feasible, consistent with sustainable development policies, grid extension or diesel generation than there are a distinct advantage.

The current State Planning Commission and State Science and Technology on the development of solar technology and its application to the great support, domestic enterprises have been involved. North New Group is the first lead in organizing an expert on domestic and international solar photovoltaic industry to investigate one of the units, their first in China in 1998 introduced a 76kW roof internationally advanced solar power generation system has been stable, good results . The system average daily power output 12kW? H or more, can satisfy a family of moderate power requirements. Aluminium Group Hebei Zhenhai Germany Pilkington (Piikington) Solar International has the exclusive total in China Proxy Has been put into production in the world of advanced solar cell glass packaging equipment and supporting materials. Their base in November 1999 the first installation in China more than 100 m2 of solar glass curtain wall building demonstration has been completed and put into application, its operation with favorable results, has become a big attraction and the domestic solar photovoltaic Project Model.

In addition, 2008 Olympics So, Beijing will become the largest in the solar application display window, “New Olympics” will be fully reflected ” Environmental protection Olympics Energy Olympics “new concepts, plans around Olympic venues 80% to 90% of the street lamps will use solar photovoltaic technology; all-glass vacuum solar collector technology, supply 90% of the Olympic Games bath water. Then, during the Olympic Games, we will see solar lights, solar phone, solar mobile phone, no flush toilet and a series of solar energy solar energy technology.

Can believe that the 2008 Beijing “Green Olympics”, China’s solar power industry can be a significant development; and, by the world event held in the capital, solar power generation technology will be developed areas of China to promote environmental protection, construction of environmental protection, large-scale use of solar power as an alternative Energy A good start.

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