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Cheap Solar Panels – Our 3 Tips to Finding Cheap Panels

Cheap solar panels have until recently have not existed, but fortunately for the larger percentage of the population, people have begun to think outside the box and because the technology is not very sofiticated and the components are much easier to locate, cheap solar panels are popping up everywhere.  If you can’t build them, you can buy them and if you can’t install them, you can always commission them for a fraction of the price. 

Here are our three tips to finding cheap solar panels

1.  Building your own solar panels is a great way to get them cheap.  If you have just a little bit of diy knowledge you will easily be able to put them together.  In fact, once you have discovered just how easy they are to make, you will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that you can purchase second hand and broken solar cells at a fraction of the price and be able to lower the costs even further.

2. Buy them second hand from places like ebay.  This means that you will have to know how to install them.  You can purchase installation information online and once you have a basic understanding of how it works, it is extremely easy to install.

3.  And for those of us that are not DIY inclined and wouldn’t be able to install them even with instructions, there is an excellent alternative.  Most people know of someone who is diy inclined.  Offering payment for someone to build them for you once you have all the knowledge and are prepared to hand that knowledge over is an excellent compromise. 

The solar panel DIY guides available online are inexpensive and will show you everything from building, to installing to incorporating them into the grid system, so that you can even earn from your panels if you generate more than your utilize.

Jeanne-Michelle Smith has lived in Central America and Asia in very remote locations. Having been raised in Africa, she is acutely aware of the impact that burning fossil fuels will have once the third world acquire a taste for the power consumption that the western world are used to. To find out more about Home Solar Kits as well as Wind Generators for the Home visit his site at

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