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Charging Uniti with free solar energy!? | UNITI UPDATE 23

This episode of the Uniti Update is all about charging!

Uniti had the opportunity to take part in our partner E.ON’s inauguration ceremony of their latest charging station in Malmö! Albin and Isak also share a short tutorial about chargers and how to charge your Uniti One.

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Welcome to Uniti Update Episode 23!

Last December, we announced a special offer for Uniti One owners in Sweden – 5 years of free home charging from energy provider E.ON. Best of all, each charge is made possible via 100% solar energy. We find our mutual commitment to sustainability and good economy make this a great partnership. Let alone across the last six months, E.ON has installed 100 charging stations in the Swedish city of Malmö alone. We were honoured to join E.ON at the inauguration ceremony of their latest charging station installed – and we brought the Uniti One along with us.

Also in this episode, Albin and Isak will bring you through all you need to know about charging – from the different types of charging to the different types of chargers. Watch this episode for a mini tutorial about electric vehicle charging options!

Riding on the football craze, we thought it would be fun to consider some football-inspired colours for our Uniti One (that’s 32 different colours)! Go on to our poll to choose your favourite!


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