Solar Power

Characteristics Of New Energy

First, the definition of new energy sources:

Also known as non-conventional energy. Is outside the range of traditional energy forms of energy. Refers to the beginning of exploitation, or are actively looking to be the promotion of energy such as solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean energy, biomass, and fusion energy, etc..

Various forms of new energy sources are directly or indirectly from the sun or earth out of the heat generated. Including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro and ocean energy and energy derived from renewable bio-fuels and hydrogen generated energy.

Second, new energy features:

New energy including renewable energy and nuclear power. Compared with traditional energy sources, new energy and pollution in general is less the characteristics of large reserves, the world for solving serious environmental pollution problems and resources (particularly fossil energy) depletion of great significance. Also, because many of the new energy distribution, for solving the energy caused by the war are also of great significance.

According to the World asserted that oil, coal and other resources will accelerate the reduction. Nuclear energy, solar energy will soon become a major energy.

Third, you mentioned in the introduction of two new energy:

1, solar energy

Solar generally refers to the sun’s radiation energy. The main advantage of the form of solar light solar thermal conversion, photovoltaic and photochemical conversion of three main ways

Broad sense, many of energy on earth solar energy sources, wind energy, chemical energy, potential energy of water such as lead or by the solar energy into forms.

Use of solar energy are: solar power pool, through the photoelectric conversion to the energy contained in sunlight into electricity; solar water heaters, use of solar heat to heat water and use water power generation.

Solar energy can be divided into two kinds:

(1). Solar photovoltaic panels photovoltaic component is exposed to sunlight will produce direct current electricity generating equipment, from almost all semiconductor materials (eg silicon) solid body made of thin photovoltaic battery. In the absence of some activities, it can be a long time operation and does not cause any loss. Simple photovoltaic cells can provide energy for the watch and computer, more complex PV systems for housing lighting, and power supply. Components of photovoltaic panels can be made of different shapes, and components can connect to produce more power. In recent years, the surface of the roof and building components will use photovoltaic panels, or even used as windows, skylights or obscure part of the installation of these photovoltaic installations are usually attached to the building known as photovoltaic systems.

(2). Solar thermal solar thermal technology to modern light polymerization, and use its energy to produce hot water, steam and electricity. In addition to the use of appropriate technology to collect solar energy, the building can also use the sun’s light and heat energy, is to be incorporated in the design of suitable equipment, such as giant south-facing windows or can absorb and slowly release solar heat in the building materials .

2, geothermal energy

Earth’s internal heat source may be different from the gravitational tidal friction, the chemical reaction and radioactive decay energy released so. The main heat source of radioactive heat the Earth. Rich in geothermal resources in China, widely distributed, has 5,500 to hot geothermal field 45, the total geothermal resources of about 3.2 million megawatts.

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