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Changshu Industrial-scale Solar System Project Put Into Operation – Solar Energy – Solar Power

Changshu industrial scale use of solar thermal technology breakthroughs, by Jiangsu New Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Hanshin bear design and construction of the world’s largest “solar energy and comprehensive utilization of circular economy,” After half a year to run has produced good economic and social benefits. Recently, large-scale use of solar thermal industry promotion will be held in Changshu, Jiangsu industrial enterprise applications opened and the waste heat utilization technology of solar curtain.

Since 2004, Jiangsu Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Hanshin into the new solar heating and heat recovery of industrial utilization in the field, faced with a technical problem, the company together with scientific research units, automatic leak detection system in the solar display, solar energy collection thermal coupling module, remote control systems, visual link overcome many difficulties, and has obtained many national patents.

2009 7 months, the new Solar Co. Ltd. and Changshu Kaida Hanshin Dyeing Co., Ltd. to develop “industrial use of solar energy and comprehensive utilization of waste heat energy saving projects.” The project is composed of the million solar water heaters, solar collector area of 15,080 square meters, bigger than two standard football field, can produce more than 1200 tons per day production of hot water, is by far the world’s largest solar water heating systems . To speed up the use of large-scale solar thermal, industrial applications, the new Solar Co., Ltd. introduced the advanced Kobe contract Energy Management system, introduction of zero investment, zero-risk new model of energy-saving technological transformation. Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. Changshu Kaida “solar thermal energy use and comprehensive reform program,” pre-equipment investment totaled 15.15 million yuan, the projects are all funded by the new solar energy companies raising Hanshin. Project running, Kaida annual savings of 3,859,200 yuan of energy costs, printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. Nei Kaida 4 years without payment of interest and other costs, save energy costs with the return of new equipment Hanshin Solar Co., Ltd. invested early. During the contract energy management, Kaida printing company since New Year is about 3,500 tons of coal equivalent, can apply to all levels of government funding of the energy saving benefits.

The world’s largest solar thermal utilization and recycling economy project, Al-Qaeda in the printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. Changshu put into normal operation, the cause of the relevant departments and enterprises of great concern, the new Kobe Solar Co., Ltd. has received a National Science and Technology 2009 The first tech SMEs free assistance fund, the Chinese High-Tech Expo “2009 China’s industrial energy saving technology innovation and the most investment value of the project” award. Currently, the new Solar Co., Ltd. Kobe has started with two companies to develop “industrial use and waste heat utilization of solar energy projects,” many domestic enterprises to develop business to discuss. New Solar Energy Co., Ltd. have teamed Kobe North China Electric Power University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, etc., to speed up the solar energy technology and new energy efficient use of research and development.

Renewable Energy Association, Jiangsu Province, the Secretary-General WANG Feng-ling that the industrial scale application of solar energy to solve our industrial and agricultural production realities of low temperature heat, economic and effective way, has a broad development space and vast market potential, in addition to textiles printing and dyeing industry, but also in the paper, chemical industry, food processing and other industries-scale applications. This is not only a huge economic and social benefits, will also address climate change, and actively contribute to the development of low-carbon economy.

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