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Have you been looking for portable solar power kits and unsure what charger to buy? If this is you no need to be concerned because in this article we will go over some of the pros, list some of the best solar chargers as well as give some steps on how to go about deciding the right portable solar power kit for your needs. Then we will also list some practical uses for why consumers are buying portable solar chargers.

We will start with benefits of a solar power kit; one reason is having portable power when you want it it. You know that most people complain about an issue only when it has become an issue, & that’s one issue that comes up too frequently when you’re hiking, camping and other outdoor fun. It’s the same thing across the board,”I need more power my phone’s dead” or “I wish I had more power for my laptop so I could upload pictures.” But when you have a portable solar power kit there’s no more need to be concerned about losing power because you will be producing your own. Also with solar power you save money on battery expenses which allows you to spend the money on more favorable items like clothes, drinks and food. These are just some of the advantages of a portable solar power.

Buying the right portable solar power kit can be a bit time consuming with so several to pick from, I will keep it to some simple steps so it is as easy as 123. The first step; know how much wattage you need before you purchase a solar charger. For example if you have a 50 Watt laptop & it takes 50 Watts for it to operate you will need basically a 50 W or higher portable solar kit. Or if you have a 5 Watt mobile, you will need a 5 Watt or higher solar charger. Step two, making sure that the portable solar power kit is compactability with your item. It can be such a hassle purchasing a solar charger kit that does not include all the correct connectors and then you end up having to buy more on the connectors than what you had expected. There are many low cost portable solar chargers on the market but some of them you have to buy extra connectors and adapters and plugs just to make sure that your phone or laptop or TV or anything else works. The third step, another good key point to keep in mind when buying a solar battery charger is the type of solar panel that is included. The monocrystalline solar panels is one of the most efficient solar panel on the market? Even though it gets a little bit pricy it’s worth having something that works in the wilderness than having something cheap and that doesn’t work at all. The fourth step, make sure you work on a budget so you know how much to spend on solar panel battery chargers. The price ranges from $ 50-$ 1000 for portable solar power kits, some of the kits are simple solar phone chargers while others are complete back up solar solutions for emergencies.

Which takes us to our next discussion when shopping solar power kits. Make sure your search these itmes online before you purchase, but this is our suggestion from our experience. The Nomad 7 M Solar Panel Charger is a durable and powerful monocrystalline solar panel charger that allows USB enabled powered devices to plug directly into the solar charger & charge via the sun and the internal battery. It also has a folding solar charger which allows you to store in your backpack, purse or your emergency closet. The nomad seven is perfect for mobile devices such as GPS units, cell phones, handheld radios and MP3 players.

However those who need electricity for their laptops, portable heating units and professional digital cameras; I recommend the Sherpa 50 Adventure kit or the Sherpa 120 Explorer kit. With the Sherpa 50, it provides up to 50 Watts of power & comes with a foldable panel which of course is monocrystalline. And the Sherpa 120 Kit, provides up to 120 Watts of power, it includes an solar panel,inverter and the battery pack that is 120 watts. The 120 explorer kit is most popular solar charger for regular outdoor consumers, campers as well as survivalists. The reason for that is it has an inverter which allows you to simply plug in your existing power plug directly into the inverter which connects to the battery pack which connects to the solar panel so you will continuously have power going into your electronic device which is perfect for those who are surfing the web, uploading pictures, taking digital photography or needing some portable power in their tent like a portable mini heater.

As you have read there are many benefits to purchasing portable solar powered kits, as well as some steps to help you choose and some that are recommended from consumers. My recommendation if your serious about buying any solar power is to start your searching now, make sure you e-mail those online retailers and read reviews about what people say about the products they have purchased.

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