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Building Solar Panels For Homes – How to Avoid Being Scammed

How to build solar panels for homes has become a common preoccupation these days. Every home looking for ways to reduce monthly expenses will not go for days without coming across some material driving their attention to how to reduce power bills. It is generally possible to cut down or completely eliminate your electricity bills and even let the power company pay you for the excess electricity if you lay hands on the right materials to walk you through or get the qualified technician for advice and installations.

The Internet today is a mix of good and evil doers who will go any further to make sure you empty your wallet for their benefits. They use all they have to appear real and make you key in your credit card names and numbers. You think you are buying some useful material meanwhile you are being scammed.

How to avoid being scammed

1) Get a qualified technician
This may be a more expensive method but surely will produce desired result. Get a qualified technician whose authenticity can be verified and work with. You may rely on him for installation and maintenance.

2)Do it yourself
This appears to be the cheapest and most sort approach. Lots of people try doing it themselves. They gain some expertise in the process and end up getting some jobs from neighbors. However, many (who are not technicians) who try to do it themselves get scammed in their search for books that explain the building process. Before buying any book online on how to build solar panels for homes, I’ll propose you do the following:

Do more search and read more reviews about the book
If you belong to a forum, you may make a post about it.
Ask more questions to friends and families
Investigate the authors of the book (Make sure they are credible and are professionals in the power sector)
If you are not convinced, stop until you are convinced.
Don’t be in a hurry and throw your money away

If you are convinced about the book

Read the money back policy (Will you be reimbursed if the product is worthless)
Buy directly from the vendor’s site
Some sellers offer seductive and interesting bonuses if you use their affiliate links to buy. You may follow their steps

NB: The final click to the order page should either be on the vendor’s site or on some accredited sites like eBay, etc

Finally, while building it yourself, you gain the know-how and become the technician. This means you spend less on installation and maintenance. With the knowledge gained, you can build for others and make more money.

Doing it yourself will be more exiting but you need to get the right materials

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