Solar Power

Build Your Own Solar Panels

Solar panels for residential use
by CERTs

The world’s energy supplies are limited, and they are being used up rapidly. Is it any wonder that people are looking to alternative energy sources to reduce their carbon footprint?

But it doesn’t matter if you are the greatest supporter of green energy, if the money is not available, there is precious little that you can do about it.

To have a home solar power system set up by a professional, you could be talking in the thousands. This is out of reach for many average households.

You could actually build your own solar panel, and it would provide you with electricity, but only in a small measure, for instance ,to power a small lamp. If you want to power your home completely by solar power, you would need to get a solar power kit.

Such a solar power kit has everything that you would need to build a working home solar power system. If you have a modicum of DIY ability, you would be able to build it.

It’s not difficult to find these solar panel kits – they are being produced by some of the biggest electricity companies, like GE. Getting a solar panel kit is the first step in a process that will mean saving you a lot of money.

The kit instructions are easy to follow. It would not be difficult for a child to follow. Speaking of which, if you have children, why not get them involved in the build? They will learn a lot from it.

Getting your solar panels working, and connected into your electricity supply, has to be one of the most rewarding tasks you could do. Nothing like getting your own power from the sun!

You will see major savings on your electricity bill – from an 80% to a 100% reduction is possible. And the system cost is reasonable – it should be possible to build a working system for $ 200 or less. There are many useful guides available, to take you through the whole process.

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